Friday, February 22, 2013

              Lola and I had the immense privilege of attending the Titanic: A Night to Remember event on Thursday at the Grand Rapids Public Museum. What an event! When we first arrived we were greeted by a “crew” who looked like they were straight off of the Titanic. Lola and I both got a ticket to board the ship which had a name on it with different details about that specific person. At the end of the evening we found out if we were passengers that sank with the ship or passengers that were lucky enough to survive.

                 We walked the red carpet and stopped for a photo-op in front of a small Titanic replica. We then made our way to an oyster bar which exactly what they served on the Titanic! When the kind servers handed me an oyster I looked up to see if Lola got one also; turns out she had already made her way to the drinks.

                We did some mingling and munching around the socializing area and did some bidding on the silent auction items! Our intern, Abi, introduced us to some of the fellow Titanic dinner attendees and it was an honor to meet more fellow Grand Rapids citizens!

                We were standing near the “Gentlemen’s Club” section of the exhibit that resembled that of the ship waiting for a man to possibly notice Lola, how could you not in the fabulous Terani skirt that we both selected to wear that evening? While standing there, we posed for a quick picture with a couple that was accurately dressed in Titanic era clothing; mid-pose they ran away and told us to follow them quickly. We picked up our skirts and scurried to dance floor where the music was playing.

                To our surprise, there was a flash mob right in the middle of the dinner! A couple dozen people all put together a dance that was exactly how the passengers of the Titanic would have been dancing at their formal dinners. It was absolutely amazing how fast these dancers moved their feet all in harmony!

                With our Terani skirts, I wore a fabulous Foxcroft black and white printed blouse with a Jade Black cardigan to keep me warm. I wanted to incorporate the Titanic feeling with my outfit so I scored this darling Dorfman headband in black and Lola in purple. Lola was so in love with hers that she was having some of the men wear it so she could snap a picture.. embarrassing! On top, Lola work an Armani black cami that was very sleek and classy and covered up a bit, per my request, with a Cynthia Rose black scarf that I have had my eyes on at Leigh’s for quite some time. Love it!
              We then headed up to the second floor for some delicious dinner. I could not decide what I wanted with all of their Titanic replicate options, so I tried it all! I was so awestruck by the fabulous gowns the ladies were wearing that looked like they were walking right onto the Titanic (unfortunately, that’s a little impossible).


                It was a fabulous event and it was great to see some familiar faces and meet some new friends! I am taking the kids to see the exhibit at the Grand Rapids Public Museum this week so they can get a taste of what it was like to be on the historic ship much like I did on Thursday.

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