Friday, June 26, 2015

Ciao to Dinner at Mangiamo!

Lola called me on Thursday afternoon going on and on about how we needed to check out this highly recommended Italian restaurant that her friend Becky told her about. I couldn't say no! Italian is my weakness and I can always go for a glass of red wine. Mangiamo! is a fantastic restaurant; Not just because of the food, but the atmosphere and décor is to die for. It bleeds a rustic vibe and feels very nostalgic. You are left wondering if you are actually eating Italian food in 1910 Florence.

It was a very comfortable place to eat and converse with friends because there are so many different rooms! The staff separates big parties so the rooms are quieter and it is much more pleasant than eating in one loud open dining room. My very favorite room in the restaurant was the room on the side of the building. It is full of these beautiful and large French windows which make the room very bright and cheerful.

Lola and I, as you know, love to dress up for even the smallest of occasions! Who doesn't like a night of delicious cuisine in the finest of wear?

Low and behold, Lola and I ended up wearing the exact same designer! I wore my favorite striped dress by Stella McCartney. It hangs low below my hips and is incredibly comfortable and stretchy. To add some color I carried my bright salmon pink handbag by Rebecca Minkoff. Lola wore a classic black dress by McCartney. She was feeling a little sexy and wanted to show off some of her porcelain through the lace that is displayed on the sides and top of the dress.

It was an amazing night of food, drinks, and fashion. The restaurant is so charming and honestly might be my new favorite! If you have never been then you must schedule an outing to this tasty venue. I promise you won't regret it. If you love Lola and I's choice of outfit as much as we do, you should go try them out at Leigh's. Word has it that they are both on sale right now! So hurry in and grab these gorgeous dresses before someone else does! Happy Friday friends!

Friday, June 19, 2015

A Sweet Trip to Kilwins

Father's Day is approaching and Eloise called me in a panic about what to get her husband. Well, you know what they say: "The way to a man's heart is through his stomach.". I suggested we go to one of my favorite sweet treat spots: Kilwin's.

It was the perfect place for Eloise to grab a yummy Father's Day present. Of course, we wanted to dress fabulous since we were going to the mall. You never know who you might run into!

I wore my favorite bright pattern shorts by Trina Turk and her gorgeous flowing blue top to keep cool. I had to complete my outfit with one of my most versatile necklaces by Pono.

Eloise wore these darling shorts by Z+L with the matching shirt. Bohemian is in right now and I just loved the relaxed but stylish vibe Eloise's outfit radiated. Who doesn't like cute fringe?

I grabbed the tastiest treats Kilwin's has to offer. I cannot resist the caramel apples and salt water taffies. Eloise was so stiff and stressed when trying to make a decision. In the end, I think she made an excellent choice for her hubby's gift. She bought a bag of caramel cashew corn and a block of salted caramel fudge.

All in all, I'd say it was one successful shopping trip. We got exactly what we came for and all the while looked stylish. We did stop in a couple stores in the mall, but they just don't compare to Leigh's. So what should your next girls day out entail? Make a trip to Kilwin's and then head to Leigh's of course!

Friday, June 12, 2015

Trip to Millennium Park

It was Lola and I's first time at Millennium Park and we loved it. The atmosphere was so fun and welcoming and the grounds are very well kept. I also appreciated the many signs that pointed us in the right direction. Lola isn't very good at directions you know. Although, she thinks she's some sort of 21st century female Indiana Jones.

We originally set out to Millennium Park to go to the beach. Unfortunately, Michigan weather had other plans. It was cloudy, but not raining, so Lola and I decided to take a lovely walk along the many trails the park has to offer! The trails were amazing. They wrap around a cluster of tiny lakes and it's all paved so it's very even walking.

We were dressed for a beach day, but even without the sun we still felt fabulous. Lily Pulitzer is always a good choice for a summer day. I wore my favorite blue and white Lily dress. It's my favorite because it fits like a glove!

 Lola wore these adorable sailboat patterned Lily Pulitzer shorts and a white top with delicate lace fringe by Generation Love. She looked so good in the shorts I asked if I could borrow them next time. That's what friends are for, right?

We checked out the Devos Family Boathouse. This is where you can rent kayaks and paddle boats. Lola hates open water because she is always worried about sinking, but I plan on convincing her to rent one with me next time. It just looks so fun!

Even though we didn't  get to do what we set out to do at the park, it was still really fun. If you have never been to Millennium Park I highly encourage you to go. There are activities for everyone and I think it really captures the feeling of the Grand Rapids area as a whole. I hope all my fashionistas are enjoying their summer and don't forget to stop into Leigh's if you need to freshen up that wardrobe.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Drinks at Founders

If you're familiar with Grand Rapids, then you know that it's a great place for a beer! After all, Grand Rapids is the Beer Capital! Eloise and I were thrilled to spend our Tuesday night celebrating our good friend, Becky's 21st birthday at Founder's Brewery. The drinks are so yummy and it was good to have a night getting a little loose! Especially for Eloise; she is so stiff all the time!


At Becky's request, we dressed up for the affaire and it was a blast! I personally loved turning the heads at the bar. You know me, flirting is one of my favorite hobbies!


I wore this adorable dress by Rachel Zoe and carried this clutch by Kate Spade. I chose not to wear any earrings because I didn't want to take away from my posh buttons. However, I did throw on my new favorite chunky bracelet by Bat-Ami Design.

Eloise rocked this gorgeous and vibrant dress by Bailey44 and also carried a handbag by Kate Spade.

That's Becky in the middle and she is holding her first legal drink! We just loved celebrating with her and it was good to get out and have a fun night on the town. Founder's is such an awesome atmosphere and the staff was incredibly helpful and nice.

The staff even helped Eloise and I pick out some tasty beer for Eloise to take home to her hubby. We will definitely be planning another trip to Founder's soon! If you see Becky around town don't forget to tell her Happy Birthday and make sure to check out Founder's if you get the chance!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Spring Break Shopping Trip

It's almost Spring Break so Eloise and I are preparing for our own fun in the sun getaway. Since we are the best of friends we again planned our Spring Break together this year! We are flying down in a week to swim in the bright blue waters of the Bahamas. Besides, Eloise needs a break from her hectic life. She is always running her kids around and keeping her home spotless! I am so excited; I could really go for a couple strawberry daiquiris on the beach.  You know us, we always need to look our best. So, what better way to prepare for our girls vacation than to go shopping in our favorite store, Leigh's?

Eloise decided to wear a very posh dress by 10 Crosby Derek Lam. The colors are just darling on her.  She accented the dress colors with dangly earrings by Theia and a gold and silver necklace by Pono. Both Eloise and I brought our Kate Spade handbags, because nothing gets us more in the mood for shopping than a handbag or clutch by Kate Spade.

I, myself, chose to wear this gorgeous top by One Grey Day with my favorite brown NYDJ denim. I wasn't quite in the mood for earrings, but I did throw on this chunky necklace by Escape From Paris.


Our first stop in the store was the Lilly Pulitzer collection. Look at all these darling, colorful shorts.
Eloise couldn't help herself; she fell in love with this striped pink and white Lilly Pulitzer dress. I wouldn't be surprised if she wore it on our first day of vacation! I ended up buying some blue and white Lilly shorts. I am hoping to catch the eye or two of some handsome men on the beach. While Eloise was busy trying on some shorts I browsed through all the other colorful spring clothes while I chatted with my favorite sales associates.

Once Eloise was done trying on shorts, she quickly headed over to the makeup counter. She told me she desperately needed more Laura Mercier. Julia, one of our favorite makeup artists helped her pick out the perfect shades. Eloise seemed a little stiff as she tried on a new shade of blush, but Julia helped her relax. We love Julia because she understands our love of makeup. She also pointed us to the Sun Bum table to buy some sun screen and after sun lotion. Eloise and I love to lay in the sun, but we always want to protect our skin to keep it's porcelain glow!

While Eloise finished up her purchases I picked up some of my favorite lipstick and headed to check out the jewelry. After all, it's very important that I keep my jewelry fashion up to date.


I found some gorgeous dangly earrings and the most attractive gold ring that I just had to get. Overall it was a very eventful day. Hopefully everyone is as excited for Spring Break as we are! We hope everyone enjoys themselves. Definitely go check out all the new Spring and Summer collections at Leigh's. It will easily put you in the mood for some fun and sun!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Vow Renwal at a Castle!

Today was a very special day for Eloise and I. Eloise and her hubby have had the idea to renew their vows on their anniversary this year. On that note, being the original maid of honor, I brought her to a special place that does events that would be perfect for an event such as this.


We took a trip to Charlevoix to a place called Castle Farms that has had a variety of different uses in the past, but now hosts special events! I thought it was the perfect place for Eloise and the husband to renew their an actual castle!  (You know Eloise has always thought of herself as a princess and her husband as her knight in shining armor!)  Vows, anniversary party...PERFECT!


To set up the event, I wanted to look poised and in style (like I would envision a successful wedding planner), so I wore a grey and black Ivy and Blue leather strap dress with a black chloe style Kendra Scott bracelet along with one of her fab necklaces.


Eloise looked ever the bride-(again)-to-be in her black and white Yoana Baraschi  dress and copper Blessings in Disguise bracelet. She put a little pop of color to her outfit with my necklace suggestion-  a burgundy, neck-baroque pearl necklace also by Blessings in Disguise.


Eloise absolutely loved the venue that we chose, the large white room in the very back of the castle, a gorgeous, marble tiled room with accents of blue. It will be a perfect fit for all of our friends and her family to come and participate in the festivities of this special day! Before we left, we even made sure to drop our pin on there touring Michigan board, where people from all over visit and drop a pin from where they are from!  

Monday, November 3, 2014

Frankenmuth meets the style icons Lola and Eloise

Today Lola and I took a road trip to Frankenmuth Michigan. Why Frankenmuth you may ask? Well Frankenmuth it a town that is full of tourist attractions and is often referred to as little Bavaria. Our fabulous intern Lindsay had made us aware of this hot spot and that it was on her bucket list to go see. We decided that it would be a fun girls’ day out to take a trip there!

We met some really cool people while we were visiting the Bavarian Inn Restaurant, known for their “World’s Best Chicken”. We met one of the family members and owner of this family run hotel resort, Dorothy Zhender. She has been working there since 1937! She is 90 years old and still works 6 days a week! Lola and I also met a new gentleman friend named Fritz! He really took a liking to Lola, strutting around in his lederhosen. (Now Lola has never met a man who wore lederhosen and let's just say she couldn't take her eyes off him.) The Inn is very large and yet still cozy and comforting. Our new friend Martha Zhender, took us to the restaurant to show us around and also went with us to the little shop down the road called the Cheese Haus.

The Cheese Haus is a well-known cheese shop in Frankenmuth. Tourists from all over Michigan come to this shop and buy cheese and take a picture with the Block of cheese and mouse that stands in front of it, so of course, we snapped some pictures of ourselves doing the same!  Some might say it's cheesy, but it was a great photo opt!

For our adventure, we tried to go with the theme of Little Bavaria and pick out outfits that matched the city. I wore a black and white heathered mélange Donna Morgan dress that was warm and comfortable while still looking feminine.

Lola wore a taupe knife pleated Muse dress that was more feminine on top and edgy on the bottom with the mix of a bit of gold sparkle and leather pleats. The design that embellished the top of the dress fit into the theme of the Inn and the town perfectly.  Poor Fritz, he's going to miss Lola dearly. I had to separate them during our pictures! They just could not stop talking to each other...Lola is so obvious when she's into a guy! I had to remind her that we were going home soon and that is a long way away from here!

We had a great time meeting new people in Frankenmuth. Everyone was so nice and loved talking to us. I know Lola will miss Fritz as much as he will miss her. Thank goodness they have social media so they can keep in touch. We hope to go back there someday soon!