Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Coffee and Collars

Though the sun is starting to pop out and spring is almost sprung we are still fighting these fierce Michigan temps! So, as per usual, Lola and I decided to meet up for our weekly coffee session (which usually involves more gossiping than coffee, oops!) and this week we chose to go to Jam N' Bean. As I walked in, I was shocked to see Lola wearing the EXACT same button up as myself! I mean, I know we are best friends but this was a crazy coincidence.
We sat down with our delicious coffee (which is only 5 cents if you drink it in house with their mugs!) and discussed how we pulled our white button-up outfits together. As a mom, I always keep a nice crisp collared shirt in my closet as it's a fabulous way to layer. Just because you're a soccer mom doesn't mean you have to look like one! I paired my Foxcroft shirting with a 6 by Six vest and a Tribal floral jegging.

I asked Lola how she pulled her outfit together and she said she was so inspired by my layering that she decided to give it a try herself, and might I say we both nailed it! Lola decided to pair her Foxcroft blouse with a Rachel Zoe sweatshirt dress and Soft Joie jacket. She topped it off by transitioning her Theia evening earrings into day with her causal cute ensemble.

After our fashion discussion, we started to get a little hungry so we indulged in some of their delicious food. They have bagels, sandwiches, and much more, along with some delicious soups. And of course we had to have some more of the home ground coffee!

We had a splendid morning enjoying coffee, treats and many laughs about our matching tops. I think someone once said you become like the person you're with the most...sorry Lola but I won't be switching out my flats for heels any time soon!

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