Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saying Goodbye to Diane!

Lola & Eloise fell apart when they found out Diane was leaving and resigned themselves to their "loft" to pull themselves together.

Lola and Eloise were in pieces after my last day as Leigh's fashion marketing intern this past Wednesday. We had a great time together the past few months and I was happy to have brought them to life, but it's time to pass the girls onto their next keeper! Their adventures don't stop here! Leigh's newest intern, Annie Tilma, will be accompanying the duo around Grand Rapids.

Lola has high hopes of making her way to shopping malls to "network" with the male mannequins, while Eloise insists they maintain their high standards. (Eloise insists the tuxedo clad male mannequin in the stock room is a perfectly eligible match for Lola, but she doesn't seem convinced.) Annie will have her job cut out for her to ensure the girls' strong, disparate personalities don't get the best of them! The girls hope to visit more restaurants (without packing on the pounds), shows and special events this spring!

Diane with Patrick, Rebecca [and one of Lola & Eloise's headless friends] on Diane's last day

My time with Lola and Eloise was a blast. From stopping for a glass of wine at Reserve GR, wearing Pamella Roland gowns at the Meijer Gardens Holiday Gala, braving holiday shopping, watching Cirque de Noel with Rebecca and Meg to being guests at the Design 1 runway show and braving the Van Andel [and thousands of fans] for a Griffins game, I had an amazing time working on this project with Rebecca, Patrick and the Leigh's team!!

Be sure to visit Leigh's for any of your wardrobe needs, and look out for Lola and Eloise (say hello, Lola won't bite!)

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