Sunday, May 29, 2011

Science Fair

Earlier this week our good friend Rebecca Wierda invited Eloise and me to attend her son's science fair.  Unfortunately, Eloise was unable to go and because we are inseperable, I nearly declined the invitation. However, Rebecca knows me too well.  She enticed me to attend with the prospect of meeting super hot Single Dad, so I put on a cute outfit and got pumped to learn some chemistry!  Little did I know I WAS the science experiment!  

I had been hoodwinked into serving as a prop in a demonstration about prosthetic limbs!!! I soon realized that this had been her plan all along!  I never would have gone had I known what I was signing up for.  After being touched by sticky kid fingers and covered in molding clay I was banished to ride home in the trunk.  When I was in the vulnerable position with limbs detached and with a ridiculous over-sized tee-shirt on she decided to snap these "hilarious'' photos of me.  I see how you are Rebecca! I'm such a good friend and shop only at Leigh's and this is how you treat me!? 

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