Thursday, June 16, 2011

Meet Our New Intern!

Lola and Eloise have a new BFF....our fabulous new summer intern from Central Michigan University, Brittany Dixon who is majoring in  Apparel Merchandising and Design.  The girls were a bit standoffish to Brittany when she started.  They had really enjoyed the relationship they had built with our GVSU intern, Annie and were reluctant to get they said, "Who could possibly replace our sweet Annie?" So, I sat the girls down to have a conversation with them about being open minded.  For Lola, I could equate this to wine.....just because you love one Cabernet, does not mean you can't love another Cabernet.  After this analogy, she got the picture.  Now all of a sudden, I have emails, texts, voice mails from both girls 24/7 saying how much fun they are having hanging out with Brittany. They have all these great summer plans set up with her.  I reminded them that I do need Brittany in the store, too - she's being graded on her internship and it's not just about them.  That didn't go over so well! Ooops!  
 Watch our blog for new posts from Brittany about the girls.  They are going to have a busy summer taking in lots of great offerings here in West Michigan....of course it will be done fashionably! 

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  1. I'm so sad that my time with the girls has come to an end! Fortunately we were able to have a last hurrah- yesterday Lola, Eloise and kids, Brittany, and I had quite a day at the John Ball Zoo (wait till you see the photos on Brittany's blog post.) I'm jealous I will miss out on all of their summer plans-Brittany is so much fun to hang out with- together they will be quite a trio! I miss everyone at Leigh's already, thank you to all for the wonderful opportunity!!