Monday, July 18, 2011

Lake Day

After John Shea’s jokes about getting outside more often, Eloise and I decided we would start working on our tan. Therefore, it was off to the Lake to visit Rebecca’s parents Gary and Peggy…oh and let’s not forget their adorable dog Wuufi! What a great place they have, the décor is so fun and is a beach house beauty. 

After being there for a couple hours and trying to jump-start our tan base by skipping the whole SPF application process, we left with our skin feeling like leather. At our age, I suppose we should know better! At the same time who doesn’t have a little childish-side to them.

 The scenery was amazing, and our clothes fit right in. I sported all Lilly Pulitzer; this label is just right for a great day at the beach or golfing. They use bright colors in such an endearing way, with floral prints or fun beading; their garments are a great pick for any summer activity. Lola strutted the beach in J Brand jeans and a Bailey 44 tank top. Also, another two labels that really picked up on the hyper color trend.

While enjoying the beach we couldn’t help but notice young architects at work, building delightful sand castles along the water’s edge. What a great day! Oh and by the way, I failed to have mentioned earlier that after bonding with Wuufi, Lola now wants a puppy. Who knows maybe she’s ready for this next step in life…what do you guys think?

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