Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Live Jazz & Wine Night

With the two of us being such downtown figures in a sense, I am surprised we have had yet to visit the two neighboring restaurants Rockwell’s/Republic owned by twin brothers, Dave and Paul Reinert. Both of the restaurants’ interiors were very well done; Rockwell’s embodying your classic American pub, whereas Republic offered more of a modern vibe with artwork on display from the Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts. Plus! How ideal was it that we happen to grab a late night snack at the Republic, while they were having live jazz and wine specials! 40% off the bottle to be exact; can you tell Lola was involved?

That evening we made great friends with the musicians playing, the John Shea Trio. Specifically the bandleader and Pianist became so comfortable with our newfound friendship he began throwing around jokes early in the night. He teased and called me stiff, like I haven’t heard that one before! Then continued to say I needed another glass of wine to unwind. That man has a good sense of humor and an even better band.

While listening to the rhythmic jazz numbers, Lola and I split a Kobe Tortilla Salad and bottle of Australian Riesling. We got there around 8 pm so we were just looking for a little snack, and goodness me did that suffice. The salad was just delectable, and when can you go wrong with Riesling?

We fit right in along with all the other stylish hipsters present that ev
ening. Both Lola and I wore mesh netted tops; mine was a black long sleeve Michael Stars shirt with a bright pink Michael Stars tank underneath and DL 1961 black jeans. Then Lola, clearly out of adoration of me, followed trend wearing a green-netted Castings shirt and DL 1961 dark blue jeans. Hyper colors and mesh are the “it” thing for this summer! Even a certain handsome customer took notice, claiming he could not take his eyes off of me! So naturally we had a mini-photo shoot.

Well that’s a wrap for fashion, fun, and wine night! We enjoyed ourselves so much that it might have to become a traditional Monday night deal.

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