Wednesday, September 14, 2011

New Intern Finds Missing Fashion Duo

Once again, Lola & Eloise had a difficult time parting with their new summer intern and stylish friend, Brittany. Who knew her leaving would lead to them leaving the entire country, nowhere to be found! They spent their entire August in Europe, perusing the finest boutiques, none of which compared to Leigh's, and restaurants getting them geared up for another change of Michigan’s weather and the idea of yet another friend and fall intern, Lauren, a Business Major from Cornerstone University. Lauren was a little nervous to meet such daring women when she heard of their adventurous vacation. She picked them up from the airport, and well, let's say they looked a bit under the weather.
Lola pictured in a leapord top by Monrow and,
 Eloise in a basic white tank by Three Dots and a casual scarf from Love Quotes
Lola, of course, had an excessive amount of wine on the plane home, and Eloise, right by her side giggling, says to Lauren, “Well look Lola, she’s cute and petite.” and Lola responds with,  “Yes, and there is hope for her since she is quite stylish.” Taking no offense, Lauren quickly learned she was going to stay busy hearing about their adventures in Europe. Lola and Eloise told Lauren about how they gallivanted from Paris, to Rome, and Milan, spent time at the pool, rode on their Vespa’s through the cities, made friends at the wineries, and battled their stress at the spa. 
A picture of the girls in the Swiss Alps:
Lola pairing a Maaschoni sweater with  J Brand black high rise skinny flares (black), and a Tracy Reece fur vest.
Eloise's ensemble consisted of J Brand slim boot leg jeans, Nally & Millie top, Etro Milano scarf,
 Robbi & Nikki sheepskin vest and Fashion Expression gloves.
On their ride home, Lauren was a bit curious to know what Eloise was thinking leaving her poor husband and children in Grand Rapids! Not to worry, while he was away for business and golf trips the kids were escorted between horseback riding camp, sports camps, and, of course, their grandparents. These two sure did seem to make the most of their journey, it seems they are already intrigued by their fun and spunky new intern, Lauren. Good thing  too, as they have many appearances to look forward to this fall! Keep an eye out on new posts for this upbeat fashionable duo! 

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