Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Couture for a Cure

One event Lola and I just couldn't wait for this fall was Couture for a Cure. Why?! Well for one we get to wear some of the best cocktail dresses around, found only at Leigh's of course. Second, as much as we hate the attention being taken off of us, it's actually nice to spend time watching younger, gorgeous ladies like ourselves strut the catwalk! Oh, and lastly, who wouldn't want to spend their evening eyeing Douglas Hannant's Spring 2012 line?!
Douglas Hannant and a few pieces from his Spring line

fun and sophisticated
The VanAndel Institute did another magnificent job this year hosting Couture and what a turnout there was. With Leigh's 6th year active in Couture we expected nothing less! The runway was amazing and we felt like we were right back in New York for fashion week. They even had to extend it this year to accommodate the growing crowd. The themes this year were just as fun as the show: Paint it Black, I Was a Ye Ye Girl, Haute to Trot and Social Meaning! We cannot wait to go shopping at Leigh's again!
the new and improved catwalk

 The other great thing about fashion shows is all the preparation time an event like this takes. As we waited all day in anticipation, The Crown Jewel and Leigh's expert make-up artists were preparing the models for the big event! It's like playing dress up from when you were little all over again, except this time you get butterflies thinking about walking in front of over 300 people! Below we see all of Laura Mercier's make-up we used for the show!

how fun it would be to do your
 makeup with this everyday!

By the end of the night I was doing my best to keep up with Lola. After all it was a cocktail party and we know how Lola loves to linger toward the refreshment bar! Luckily, we were stunning yet comfortable in our RED Valentino dresses. Yes, oddly enough we picked the same designer. We couldn't help it, our tastes just coincided! Lola added a Pono black necklace to complete her look, as I completed my look with a leather jacket by Anthracite and pumps from Dani Black.

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