Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gymnastics and... Fashion?!

In light of Eloise I've decided to make a trip for her and the little ones; Aerials and Baranis Gymnastics center, home of the Flying Tigers! After watching all of those children bounce around, it reminded me of my more flexible years, and every time a child jumped into the large scary foam pit butterflies fluttered in my stomach I also might have let out a few gasps. It's pure bravery the things those children do! Eloise and I both agreed we have hard enough time doing yoga in a still motion, there is no way we would have the ability to flip, twirl, and bounce like these young ones.

just watching made us queasy

that scary foam pit!

a room dedicated to the preschoolers

I suppose one of the things I enjoyed the most were all of the compliments we received from the mothers and grandmothers on our attire! We were more than happy to share with them our shopping secret; Leigh's at the Breton Village Mall! I think one thing they will be eager to find is a replica of my Rozae fur vest; I felt as if I were an animal the way I was being stroked! I complimented it well with my sheer top by Tracy Reese, a pair of gray Vince leggings, adding stylish flats from Cole Haan's Maria Sharapova collection. Eloise was receiving so many compliments as well, as she would,  she pulls off the working mom look well! Pairing her cardigan and skirt by Ellie Tahari she added a basic black Skinny Tee tank and Tory Burch's suede kitten heels.

they have their own shopping center too
There are so many different things you can do at Aerials & Baranis! They have the cutest room for the preschool age which I found to be the most appealing for my skill level. Six different trampolines to bounce on, which we were told if you touch the ceiling your name gets to go on the wall! They also have just like in the Olympics, bars, beams, rings, vault and a bouncy exercise floor! We realized what better way to strip children's energy than take them to a place as wonderful as this. We had so much fun meeting new people and spending time watching rather than participating, as we knew we would need a chiropractor if we decided to partake!

a fun new friend!

bravery, pure bravery

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