Friday, January 13, 2012

"A Day in the Life"

Just arriving at Leigh's!
Who doesn't love a spa day?! Lola and I sure do and there is no better place to come than Leigh's! We were just here this past Monday and fell in love with everything on the sale rack! Select merchandise was 50% to 75% off! We soon realized on our drive over that before I got my facial, we were going to need to shop! Our Monday visit led to the great outfits we are wearing now! I wore my orange Claudia Nichole sweater with RED Valentino jeans. I was just about to check out when I found this awesome Jose and Maria Barrera necklace on sale! I couldn't resist and I just love it with this sweater! Lola opted for her recent purchase as well, which was a blue Claudia Nichole cashmere sweater with Ralph Lauren Black Label leggings! She also found a Jose and Maria Barrera necklace and had to wear it with her sweater! What is even more perfect about these outfits is that they perfectly transition into the springs trends of bright colors for everything!

Us with our good friend, Michelle!

On our way to the sale racks we ran into our model friend, Michelle! She is employed as a full-time model at Leigh's and we could not be any more jealous! She looks awesome in her spring clothing! We almost hate how jealous we are of all our model friends! They are always so thin and pretty like Michelle! Good thing we like her so much!

Giovanna helping me pick out another great outfit!

Loving all the sales!

Lola shopping for outfits she can hopefully use to snag a date!

After much socializing, we finally made it over to the sale rack! We were glad so much great stuff was left since we were here on Monday. My good friend (did we mention we have a lot of friends at Leigh's?) and Leigh's buyer, Giovanna, helped me find some more great outfits that I can wear now and in the spring! While I was busy shopping, Lola was looking at the evening wear in the sale rack in hopes of finding something she could wear on a date!

Enjoying my facial!

Lola loving the amenities at Leigh's!

A facial has never felt so good! The drab winter weather had me feeling down in the dumps, but after a good facial at Leigh's I am feeling awesome with lifted spirits! Lola also enjoyed herself relaxing with some magazines and water offered to her by the friendly associates!

Rachel doing my makeup!

After my facial, I thought I deserved a little more pampering! Rachel, the makeup artist at Leigh's, offered to give me a makeover. Boy, did I need it! She did an awesome job and how fun are those lashes?!

Leaving Leigh's!

After some more socializing with our favorite people, it was time to head back into the winter storm! We are just hoping we don't become frozen stiff or accidently get picked up by the plow becasue we are so pale this time of year!