Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Lola and Eloise have been beside themselves.  Their fabulous friend, Lauren (Leigh's intern from Cornerstone), they have communicated to me, "Up and left them."  I have told them over and over again that her semester was completed and she was going home for the holidays, but they, in true form, have to bring a little drama to the scenario.  Or should I say...Lola.  The girls sat in my office yesterday complaining how they feel like I've grounded them.  They haven't been out in the social spotlight since December and will I hurry up and get a new intern.  The timing couldn't have been better, because as they are sitting there in walks....walla...our new intern Megan, a public relations major from Grand Valley State University.  Yes, I had been keeping this information from Lola & Eloise because Lola played a little too hard during the holidays and I told her the behavior needed to be contained....or no new intern.  Well, she has been, running, healthy foods, juices, to bed by 10pm.  She looks and feels great.  I am really quite proud of her.  Megan is so excited to work with Lola and Eloise.  Megan's a sorority girl - super vivacious and fun....and has great style.  I think Lola & Eloise are going to L-O-V-E her as they do all of our great interns.  Look for new posts on the girls from Megan and she also suggested a Twitter account for them.  They were all about that!  Here's the link to their new Twitter account...they are tweeting like crazy!!/Lola_Eloise  They have already told me it's going to be another great semester!!

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