Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Friday Night at GRAM

Taking in our first look inside the GRAM!
Lola and I decided we would love to do a girls night out! Friday Night at GRAM (Grand Rapids Art Museum), which was featuring the new Rauschenberg exhibit and the film Black Mountain College was top of our list. We were really excited because what is better than wine and great art with a beautiful setting?! My outfit was an easy pick with a colorful Muse dress and Cole Haan heels. But, of course I wasn't complete without a fabulous accessory....thank you Kenneth Jay Lane for designing the perfect necklace! Surprise, surprise....Lola had a hard time deciding  what to wear!  A Leigh's  run was needed so she could pick an outfit as awesome as mine! She was super excited for the new spring collection and opted for a Diane von Furstenberg tunic with Vince black leggings. Her Sam Edelman heels were the biggest hit at the GRAM--everyone was jealous of those awesome heels....they were their own work of art!

Awesome piano player!

Posing with the piano player! Love it!
When we first arrived, we were greeted by great music and found a man playing the piano. He was doing an awesome job and was really setting the mood for the art. I sparked a great conversation with him about fashion (who knew men could know so much?!) and turned around to find Eloise missing! Of course I wasn't panicked for long because then I spotted her by the bar drinking some wine! I joined her for a glass and talked to the sweetest employee of the GRAM about Leigh's! Turns out, she has been a few times and loved it! Who wouldn't?!
Lola getting her first of three glasses of wine for the night!

Me joining her!
Once we had a few glasses of wine to get our creative minds flowing, we decided to take a walk around the Rauschenberg exhibit. We were truly inspired and had a warm fuzzy feeling after walking through the whole exhibit (or was that the wine?!)
About to walk through the gallery!

A little background info on Rauschenberg! What an amazing exhibit!

Upstairs at the GRAM!
By the time we were done walking through the exhibit, our feet hurt from our awesome heels (yes, sometimes fashion hurts) and it was time for the movie. We were super excited because we had heard great things about it! Of course, we loved every second of it! We also needed to get our picture in front of the film to prove we were there...or for attention. We love attention.
Movie room! Love the stars on the ceiling!

Us in front of the movie! Sorry everyone!
We were exhausted at the end of the night! Who would have thought girls night could take such a toll?! We were so glad we could visit the GRAM and talk fashion with everyone around! Our next adventure is a Pre-Kentucky-Derby Brunch! Stay tuned to hear more! 

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