Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pancake Breakfast

The friendly faces that greeted us!
Eloise and I love an event that involves girl talk and food! We were cordially invited by our intern, Megan, to attend her sorority's Pancake Breakfast. Of course, we couldn't resist breakfast in the afternoon! The breakfast ticket sales are used to help with Alzheimer’s research. The girls who greeted us were so kind and helped us so much! Because the food was downstairs, they had to call the elevator for us because our legs were just a little too stiff to handle the stairs...

Us socializing!

Buying our ticket!

When we first arrived, we got some weird looks from a few parents and sorority sisters. We are thinking it was the fact that we were much more pale than everyone (hey, sun is hard to come by in Michigan these days) and the fact that we have, well, no hair. One sweet grandmother even asked where our wigs were! No worries though, of course our outfits made everyone love us and we started to fit right in! We heard this was a Kentucky Derby themed breakfast and we wanted something new to wear--like always. We ran into Leigh's to find the perfect spring outfit! I wanted to wear something more fun and Eloise did a more understated glam outfit. Even with our different tastes, there was one thing we could agree on and that was that we were not really feeling the whole hat idea.

Us modeling so everyone can adore our outfits!

Once we bought our tickets and rode the elevator we got in line to grab some food. It wasn't long before everyone was asking about our awesome outfits, once again, which were perfect for the theme! I could not keep my eyes off of the food so Eloise told everyone about our ideal outfits from Leigh's! I fell in love with this RED Valentino dress. The floral print was so cute with my Claudia Nichole scarf! Eloise went with a very form flattering, red Milly dress with a black Claudia Nichole scarf. Lately we have been puzzled about why we have been choosing some accessories  from the same designer, but we both knew we needed these scarfs during the winter! They were the perfect touch!

Waiting in line for some great food!


Us talking to some fun girls in line!

After we talked to so many kind and fashion forward guests we finally got our food; two pancakes, sausage, and juice. We were so impressed with how great the food was! What we loved even more than the food was everyone's great outfits! We can't stop thinking about fashion for too long! We had such a great time at this event and felt so good to contribute to such a great cause. It is not often we get to look great AND donate! 

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