Thursday, June 14, 2012

Lights, Camera, Action!

WOW! What an amazing day! We made our television debut on eightWest Wednesday and it turned out fabulous! We were so excited we could hardly wait to be on camera, which of course comes natural to us! We knew Leigh's would have the perfect camera-ready outfit... and we were right! It was perfect timing because they had just received their first-ever shipment of Haute Hippie and we couldn't resist! Lola found a bold print dress and I chose a beautiful fushia dress. We couldn't resist the Karine Sultan jewelry and we both picked out a bracelet and necklace. Lola found a pair of Missoni wedges that matched her outfit perfectly while I couldn't help but buy the Cole Haan snake skin heels that I've been eyeing. It was the perfect occasion to splurge!

Getting ready to go on air!

Last minute prepping with our interns

We arrived at WOODTV looking amazing in our perfect Leigh's outfits. We were immediately shown to the set of eightWest where we waited patiently for our time to shine. We never could have done this without our amazing interns, Sarah and Lindsey!

We were a little camera shy (ok, truth is we froze) so Lindsey and Sarah did most of the talking. Rachel and Jordan were so nice and friendly which helped us warm up a little. Once they got us talking though, we couldn't stop! They asked us all kinds of questions about our adventures over the past couple years and of course our fabulous outfits!

We met some AMAZING ladies on the set!

We loved meeting Rachel and Jordan. They were absolutely fabulous!

Once we were done shooting, we were able to tour the studio where the rest of the news is filmed. We met some amazing people behind the scenes as well as some news anchors. We were even able to test out our meteorology skills by showing the forecast for the day! We met meteorologist Kyle Underwood. Lola was in heaven, she finally found a man taller than her in heels! Unfortunately for her, he's already taken.

We're naturals!

Trying out our anchor skills

We were told we were the most stylish meteorologists

 Posing with Kyle Underwood

Taking a shot at the weather forecast

Lola and I were also able to visit the news room where we met news anchors Brett Thomas and Emily Linnert. They were very excited to have their picture taken with us. Lola couldn't take her eyes off Brett, but he quickly informed her that he was married.

It just wasn't Lola's day for finding a man! Brett was already married

We made such a good impression on Emily; she included Lola in her facebook cover photo!
We may not be TV stars (yet!) but we sure felt like it today! Everyone at WOODTV and eightWest were so nice and helpful we couldn't thank them enough for inviting us on the show and behind the scenes. We can't wait to see where our next adventure will take us!

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