Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Festival of the Arts

Lola and I had such an amazing day! It was the Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts weekend. We couldn't wait to go downtown and see the artwork and eat a ton of great food. The morning started off a bit chilly and we weren't sure if we would even make it downtown, but the weather turned out to be fabulous! I decided it was a Lilly Pulitzer kind of day. I wore a stylish pair of floral shorts with a navy blue top and pink cardigan. Lola decided to wear a brand new Drew maxi dress with a blue Love Quotes scarf.  Of course, both of our outfits were from Leigh's!

On our way to the art festival! Some people say we shouldn't be on the road!

Showing off our outfits before heading down to the festival.
It was so busy downtown, we were forced to park a mile away from all of the entertainment. It took a little longer to walk there than we thought, due to slight stiffness in our legs. When we finally got there, all we could see is food booths, and a lot of them! There was so much to choose from, we couldn't decide what to eat.  Lola finally decided on a deep fried pickle and some fresh squeezed lemonade. I choose a shrimp kabob and a nice cold frozen lemonade. It's amazing how both of us can still eat whatever we want and not gain weight.  We attribute it to great genetics!  We walked through the art tents and listened to the live bands playing outside.

Live music!

Art tents were set up along the street.

An amazing building on our way to the art festival.
It turned out to be a wonderful day downtown. We enjoyed looking at the unique art and eating the yummy food, while talking to some great people along the way.

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