Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lola and Eloise... the next Picasso!

Today Eloise and I decided to try something new. We heard about a new venue in Gaslight Village called Brush Studio, so of course we had to check it out! We took a trip to Leigh's to find the perfect outfit. They had just gotten a new shipment of BCBG Max Azria and we were all over it! Eloise picked out a bright orange dress and I just had to have the bold patterned knit dress. We paired it with brand new Simon Sebbag and Marlaina Stone bracelets.

Arriving at Brsuh Studio!
Checking out what Brush Studio has to offer.

Waiting to start painting!
We arrived at Brush Studio and were amazed at how wonderful and inviting everyone was. They even offer food by Ramona's Table and, much to my delight, wine! There were beautiful paintings on the wall and we couldn't wait to try our hand at creating our own masterpiece! It's a good thing no previous experience is required because Eloise and I are beginners!

Getting ready to let our creative juices flow!
Watch out, Picasso!
Gathering inspiration.
It started out a little rough, but after we got the hang of it, we couldn't stop! Eloise painted a picture of some beautiful flowers while I took my inspiration from the Grand Rapids skyline. Next time we go, we will attend one of their classes to learn how to paint like a pro.

Relaxing with a drink.
An example of the amazing artwork you can paint at Brush!

A beautful painting at Brush.
We had a great time learning how to paint at Brush Studio. Although our paintings weren't the most glamorous, we still had a lot of fun with everyone. Eloise can't wait to go back and bring her kids on family day, and I might tag along for the food, wine, and a good time!

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