Friday, September 7, 2012

Viva Italia!

Ciao Grand Rapids! Sorry it's been awhile since my girl Eloise and I have made an appearance. We were just spending our summer in the French Alps, site seeing, eating delicious food, I was chasing after hot European men, Oh and of course wine tasting! Wait did I mention hot European men? Well any way we thought it would be a great time to come back, because it's obviously one of the best nights of the year, Grand Rapids Fashion Night out! We made our way over to Leigh’s to help set up before the big party. 

Why of course, I'd love some Prosecco!

Because its been so hot lately Eloise and I decided to just stick to the basics of fashion while we helped Jacob the new intern and the rest of the Leigh’s team set up! A simple top by Michael Stars matched with a pair of Leigh’s new denim that just came in by J BRAND Oh! and I almost forgot about my amazing scarf by Italian designer Etro and our adorable shoes by Tory Burch.  

Doesn’t this food catered by Saburba look delicious?  

Ok, enough of this heavy lifting, a girl can’t be all sweaty before a huge party like this, we need to look fabulous

Don’t we look favoloso!

Because the theme tonight is Italian fashion, Eloise and I decided to both  wear one of our favorite Italian designers. Leigh’s just received this amazing shipment of Armani that we just had to try on. I of course picked out this gorgeous sequence jacket, matched with a pair of skinny coated denim by Rich and Skinny (Don't they look just like leather??) and these sexy black heels by my favorite shoe man Stuart Weitzman. Eloise went for this extremely elegant navy dress, also by Armani and these adorable gray heels by Cole Haan, adding a chunky gold bracelet by Karine Sultan only completed her look even more! We were the best dressed girls there (If we do say so ourselves!)! 

Where are all the Italian men?

The night was filled with amazing music, food, friends and of course fashions. So many great people stopped by, who would have thought that Brangelina would fly in from LA for Grand Rapids Fashion Night out! And we can't forget about Lady Gaga who, took time off from her world tour to try on some our new Valentino Red we just received earlier this fall!

Watch out Grand Rapids here we come!

Thank you so much to everyone who came out last and made it that much more fabulous. Oh, and a special thanks to Harold Zeigler who brought over the adorable Fiats, the amazing Elieen DeVries for driving over that gorgeous Ferrari and to our amazing DJ Adrian Butler for making us all bust a move! 

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