Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Little More Wine than Canvas!

After taking a bit of a break from events, Eloise and I decided we needed a good old fashioned girls night out! As you all may know we're quite the adventurous duo, so we wanted to try something we hadn't done before. After briefly searching the web for events, we found Wine and Canvas! Anything has to be good if it has wine in the name, am I right? So we signed up and began choosing our outfits! I decided to go with a red and green Trina Turk top and a pair of hot pink J Brand jeans! So fab, am I right?! Lets not forget my beautiful Save the Queen necklace or Lordane bangles! Eloise decided to go with a Trina Turk top and matching J Brand jeans as well! So perfect! She paired the outfit with a Lordane necklace and Dimitradia bracelet. All of these pieces from our favorite store, of course! Leigh's!

While walking in I have to admit, I was pretty nervous, this is nothing like the finger panting I'm used to at home! However, Lola convinced me that I will do just fine. Of course as you may know, fashionably early is the new fashionably late, so we were the first ones there. As everyone shuffled in and the wine was served my nerves floated away, and before I knew it, it was time to start putting paint on that canvas! Luckily aprons were provided so I didn't have to run the risk of getting anything on my beautiful Trina Turk top, or J Brand Jeans!
Looks like we landed in Italy!

I had a right to be nervous! Look at this beautiful thing!

We began painting the background to our African Sunset and we quickly realized just how Zen painting could be! After a few drinks everyone seemed to loosen up and enjoy themselves. Everyone even started to belt out a Journey song together, even though I couldn't hear much over Eloise's off key voice. Just kidding! After completing the background of the painting we got to take a break while we let the paint dry, which meant more drinks, and even an appetizer! And honestly, ever since I stepped into Pietro's and smelled the fresh bread baking, I was pretty hungry. We decided to throw our diets out the window and order fried mozzarella, and to be honest I only have three words to describe it, TO DIE FOR! In fact, just thinking about it makes me want to hop in the car to scarf some down right now. Luckily my figure doesn't seem to grow or shrink much, it pretty much just stays the same no matter what I do, pretty lucky, huh?

After basically inhaling those fried mozzarellas it was time to get back to work! It was time to paint the tree. Step by step, the instructor worked us through the proportions. She did the measurements by fingers, so in some places it would be three fingers, and in others it would be two, although Lola and I stuck to four fingers when it came to measurements, because we have pretty stiff hands. In fact, I'm surprised we were even able to use those paint brushes! Either way, with the help of the instructor and the support of the new friends we met around us, we were able to make some pretty awesome paintings, if I do say so myself.

Our masterpieces!

Everyone rocked it out!

Us with the final product! Not too shabby, eh? The red in the painting goes perfect with my outfit! And the blue perfectly complement Eloise's Trina Turk top!
All of our beautiful clothes from Leigh's in Breton Village!
If you want to take a painting class or just have a girls night out sign up with Wine and Canvas on their website at
And don't forget about that fried mozzarella! Try it for yourself at Pietro's!

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