Monday, June 24, 2013

Grizzly Girls!

Now, country music may not be our favorite genre of music, however, local band Gunnar and the Grizzly Boys had our hearts from the first time we heard them. This summer, the band has been traveling from Lansing, MI, to all the way down in Kearney, MO, so we quickly jumped on the opportunity to see them right here at The Intersection, in Grand Rapids. Eloise and I began shuffling through out closets, but nothing seemed to fit for the event, so off to Leigh's we went!
I (left) decided to go with a hot pink Elie Tahari top and some DL1961 printed jeans, and of course to top it off I went with a fabulous K&K Interiors beaded necklace. Eloise (right) picked out a fun Kate Spade top, with a pair of mint green Sanctuary shorts, and fittingly she decided to wear a Dorfman Pacific hat!

Hope you were hungry Eloise!

Pictured: Robby Mason, myself, Gunnar Nyblad, Eloise, Joe Rood, and Joe Connolly.
Robby was totally trying to make a move on me, but I stayed strong. Dating a rock star would just be too hard! I was definitely blushing, can you tell? Maybe next time he'll get up the courage to give me his number! And sorry to break your heart Joe, but Eloise is happily married, doesn't mean you still cant be friends though, right?

After hanging out with the guys it was show time! They were opened up by Timmy Lee & The Ten Cent Heroes, and Flashing Blue Lights, which really got Lola and I in the mood to rock! The mood quickly rose as the boys came out onto stage and everyone in the crowd began to dance and sing along.

We could tell that Gunnar and the Grizzly Boys have quite the avid following, and instead of fans, they seemed like family at a reunion singing along, arm and arm, to all their favorite songs. There were people of all ages there coming to see the favorite local band for the first and only time locally this summer.  Lola and I could tell that the guys in the band loved being on stage, and loved playing music, which was so wonderful and refreshing to watch! We decided to switch up our usual beverage of choice, for a nice cold beer! Nothing like dancing to a great band while refreshing with a nice cool one, right?! Eloise told me the next morning that I may have had one too many beers, and that I may have embarrassed myself out on the dance floor. Whoops! At least I had fun!

Gunnar holding up a guitar he had smashed in half!
Taking a bow!

Thank you so much Gunnar and the Grizzly boys for a great show and a great time. You'll see us back again. Eloise and I can say that we are now officially Grizzly Girls!

All of our beautiful clothes from Leigh's in Breton Village!
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