Tuesday, September 10, 2013

To the Peir We Go!

Seeing as fall is right around the corner, Lola and I decided we should get to the Grand Haven beach one more time before the weather gets too chilly. With not a cloud in the sky, it was a beautiful day to take a nice stroll on the pier. Seeing as it was not too cold yet, I decided to break out my light and very comfortable 360 Cashmere cardigan and paired it with my amazing J Brand denim. I kept it quite casual with a Michael Stars top under the cardigan, but of course had to add a Marlyn Schniff necklace as my accessory to give my outfit a little spunk. As usual, Lola looked a little more “blinged” out for the beach but looked fantastic if I do say so myself. She brought out some of the great fall trends with her W118 by Walter Baker top, Trina Turk leather skirt, and Lordane necklace…if that’s not bling I don’t know what is!

We couldn't have asked for a prettier day! Although, thank goodness for
for our new fall sweaters because it got a little windy! 

Once we continued our stroll, we started to get a little hungry. I was in the mood for a nice Michigan salad, but Lola convinced me we had to get something a little more Grand Haven original. So, even though I was looking out for my girly figure, Lola persuaded me to go to Pronto Pup corndog stand! I want to say I regret the calories, but I do not! It was a must-have for being at the beach!

To our surprise, we bumped into Leigh’s intern Lauren and her date! We were a little nervous to go up and interrupt her, but she was thrilled to see us and introduced us to PJ (Lola of course couldn't keep her eyes off of PJ and kept whispering to me what a hottie he was....I told her she sounds like a cougar...geez he's 10 years younger Lola...find someone your own age). They just grabbed a pup themselves which was their first ones ever…she is going to be hooked after that one, let me tell you, they can be quite addicting.
It was so fun to be able to sit down and have a nice conversation at the pier with Lauren and get to know her a little better since we will be seeing her at Leigh’s (…often by how much we love to shop there)! Sadly, we had to let her get back to her date and I had to get home to take the kiddies to soccer practice. Overall, I had such a splendid afternoon walking around the Grand Haven pier gossiping and chit chatting about nothing with my best friend Lola! I’m sad to see this nice weather go, but then again I am pretty excited to switch out my sandals for a nice, new pair of Stuart Weitzman boots!


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