Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Fall is Just Around the Corner!

Summer is coming to an end and Eloise and I have been having a blast being with our fun, cute, adventurous selves thus far! Although, right around the corner is fall and I am more than excited to bring in the fall fashions. Of course, Eloise and I have to take a well-deserved trip to our favorite store Leigh’s to stock up on some must-haves for the fall season! I am dying to find out what kind of trends and fashion forward looks are going to be popping up in only a few short months! But, I am not only on the lookout for a wonderful cashmere sweater to add to my closet, but also the new intern I hear is at Leigh’s. Her name is Lauren and word around town is that she is a fun, outgoing little “fashionista.” I guess she goes to Grand Valley State University and is majoring in public relations and minoring in event planning. I cannot wait to meet this new little gem, and if she is anything like their last intern Casey, we are going to get along just great! I’m ready to put on my (of course glamorous) shopping shoes, grab my amazing best friend Eloise and take a nice trip to Leigh’s. Hopefully I will get to meet Lauren and have a little chit chat and become the best of friends I have a feeling we will be!

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