Tuesday, December 3, 2013


As you all know, Lola and I are very fun individuals. We love to bring the party wherever we go! Well, last week we over heard the intern, Lauren, say that she was going to Sky Zone, this trampoline bounce house, with her sorority and another fraternity. So, being our wild and crazy self’s, we decided to crash the event! I am for sure the cool mom so I need to make sure I keep living up to the title!

 I wore a great Comfy jacket, tunic, and pant with a Dana Stein scarf. Lola wore an adorable Dana Stein vest over a Barbra Lesser sweater, a Shawlsmith scarf and a Comfy legging.

When we got to the event, Lauren was very surprised! But she was so excited to see us and to introduce everyone to us that we felt like we were part of the group! Of course, Lola prowled around like the cougar she is with the guys…things will never change with that girl. Can’t blame her though…they were pretty cute!  
We are so loved!

While we were there, we ran into some cool moms (while we rested from all the bouncing around...we are getting stiffer by the day…) and had a wonderful conversation about our clothes! It was right up our ally! We told them about Leigh’s and all the fun and very stylish clothes they have in right now…I think we sold them!

We had an absolute blast at Sky Zone and cannot wait to take the kids one day! Again, we loved hanging out with Lauren and all of her friends. Although now I am ready to go home, soak in a hot bath, and drink a glass of wine while my stiff body relaxes after that great workout!

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