Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Saturday Experience

It is that time of year again where the weather gets cold and I get lazy on weekends! So, I decided to look up some fun things to do during this time of year. I stumbled upon this so called “Saturday Experience” that the Grand Rapids Roasters has every Saturday. I called Eloise up on the phone and told her we HAD to try it out! We usually are wine individuals but desperate times call for desperate measures, I need a warm drink in my hand…I mean I could always indulge in some Bailey’s and coffee…hmm…yeah I think that’s for next weekend!  Anyways, I bundled up in some great new winter attire from Leigh’s, hopped in the car, and took a nice brisk morning drive with my right hand gal to the Grand Rapids Roasters.

The coffee house was in this hundred year old building. We rode an industrial elevator to the fifth floor and walked into this little café that you would not imagine to be there. Right away we were served with this amazing Dominican blend coffee and got to talking with the owner Craig. He was absolutely delightful to talk to about his business, you can really tell he is passionate in what he does!
 Eloise wore a very cute chunky K&K Interior necklace while I wore a Dana Stein scarf

 We looked fabulous, I must say!
I wore a black Bailey 44 dress with Vince leggings while Eloise wore a Nic-Zoe top, a Zoe Couture cape, and nutmeg colored pair of Not Your Daughters Jeans.

The morning turned out to be such a fun little outing and I would suggest to anyone to go check it out if they had the time. It is a great place to take your friend or significant other to have a different coffee experience! If you’re in the mood to switch it up I would highly recommend checking out the Grand Rapids Roasters “Saturday Experience!”

We met some new, funky friends while we visited the Grand Rapids Roasters!

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