Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Fashion Takes on Tourism and East town Eateries

Today Lola and I set off on our Tourism Campaign. Our intern, Lindsay, is going to be bringing us to really cool hospitality and tourism destinations around Michigan. We thought what better way to start a trip than to start local and eat some yummy food at the same time. Lola was in the mood for hot dogs, so we decided to start our adventures in East Town at the best hot dog place in town, Yesterdog! We always loved the vintage old school vibe in there.

To fit with the feel of East Town, Lola and I both chose to wear casual but still trendy. Lola wore a blue Elliot Lauren sweater that she paired with a Luisa Rab vest and Ted Baker Puma Crossbody, this all went well with her black 10 Crosby Derek Lam legging. The outfit she wore was brought together with the Kenneth Jay Lane gun-metal flat lobster clasp necklace. She definitely rocked the animal prints and edgy look she had been going for! Made it hard for the working men at Yesterdog to look away!

I on the other hand, kept it more low-key than a fur vest with leather leggings. Keep it classy is my motto. You all know that I love nude color schemes; just keeps things so simple, and yet classy and at times, a bit elegant. I wore an Elie Tahari blouse over little rock colored Emma 2368 style DL 1961 leggings, paring this with a copper gypsy cheetah Echo scarf and a vintage colored Tribal Jacket.

Yesterdog is just awesome. They specialize in their hot dogs; in fact, all they sell are hot dogs with any topping and condiment you could want. Everything there is really old school, with the wood floors and marble table tops. There are really interesting vintage Coca-Cola signs on all the walls and even had a toilet that flushed with a chain hanging from a box, like a real W.C. toilet. Times sure have changed since those were used!

No wonder this place gets so busy! The workers there know what they are doing and can give great, quick service. Many people come from all over Grand Rapids to eat these amazing hot dogs in such a cool restaurant. The booths and walls are covered with people signatures and names of people that have been there long before. They have since prohibited the signing of the walls, so Lola and I didn’t get a chance to write our name on the walls but it was still cool to see all the names written. this was definitely a worth-while first stop! Anyone in the area should really take some time and come in for a great experience and even better hot dogs!

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