Monday, September 22, 2014

Quality style meets quality Donuts at Marge's Donut Den

It was early morning on our tourism road trip. Eloise and I were STARVING. We knew then that we just had to go to Marge’s Donut Den! There is only one place that you can get a donut this amazing at this early in the morning! Breakfast of champions I might add.


Marge’s has been family owned and opened since 1975. This bakery has more than just great handmade donuts; they also have specialty cakes and other yummy baked goods. If you have a sweet tooth the size of Eloise and mine, it would be a good idea to come in here for some quality baked goods! Marge not only has great tasting bakery items, but she is very creative when it comes to the items she makes. When it comes to quality, Marge knows best.

We had decided to keep things casual with a pop when we left today. Eloise wore a Kate Spade Deco dot sweatshirt, with a black Skinny Tees cami underneath it to add some layer. She wore DL1961 Jeans to pull her look together. Marge even commented about how she looked really  cool and casual and loved the bow on the sweatshirt and how feminine it was!

I on the other hand wore black cat J Brand skinny jeans and a charcoal, Lola and Sophie top with a  Echo scarf. This kept me looking casual with a bit of edge. We fit in perfectly at the Donut Den.  There were many regulars in the store that we saw and Marge likes to talk to everyone and make them feel at home. Our intern, Lindsay has been going here for years with her grandfather. They went along with the large following that Marge’s has had since their opening. Marge wanted one of her friends that works for her to pose with us in the Marge's Uniform. It was nice to meet you Jeanne!

Marge really loved our outfits and enjoyed talking with us while we were in the donut shop. She even gave us free donuts of our choice! Marge says, "Leigh’s has quality clothing and style; and Marge’s has quality donuts…No wonder the girls wanted to go here."

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