Monday, December 8, 2014

Vow Renwal at a Castle!

Today was a very special day for Eloise and I. Eloise and her hubby have had the idea to renew their vows on their anniversary this year. On that note, being the original maid of honor, I brought her to a special place that does events that would be perfect for an event such as this.


We took a trip to Charlevoix to a place called Castle Farms that has had a variety of different uses in the past, but now hosts special events! I thought it was the perfect place for Eloise and the husband to renew their an actual castle!  (You know Eloise has always thought of herself as a princess and her husband as her knight in shining armor!)  Vows, anniversary party...PERFECT!


To set up the event, I wanted to look poised and in style (like I would envision a successful wedding planner), so I wore a grey and black Ivy and Blue leather strap dress with a black chloe style Kendra Scott bracelet along with one of her fab necklaces.


Eloise looked ever the bride-(again)-to-be in her black and white Yoana Baraschi  dress and copper Blessings in Disguise bracelet. She put a little pop of color to her outfit with my necklace suggestion-  a burgundy, neck-baroque pearl necklace also by Blessings in Disguise.


Eloise absolutely loved the venue that we chose, the large white room in the very back of the castle, a gorgeous, marble tiled room with accents of blue. It will be a perfect fit for all of our friends and her family to come and participate in the festivities of this special day! Before we left, we even made sure to drop our pin on there touring Michigan board, where people from all over visit and drop a pin from where they are from!  

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