Monday, November 3, 2014

Frankenmuth meets the style icons Lola and Eloise

Today Lola and I took a road trip to Frankenmuth Michigan. Why Frankenmuth you may ask? Well Frankenmuth it a town that is full of tourist attractions and is often referred to as little Bavaria. Our fabulous intern Lindsay had made us aware of this hot spot and that it was on her bucket list to go see. We decided that it would be a fun girls’ day out to take a trip there!

We met some really cool people while we were visiting the Bavarian Inn Restaurant, known for their “World’s Best Chicken”. We met one of the family members and owner of this family run hotel resort, Dorothy Zhender. She has been working there since 1937! She is 90 years old and still works 6 days a week! Lola and I also met a new gentleman friend named Fritz! He really took a liking to Lola, strutting around in his lederhosen. (Now Lola has never met a man who wore lederhosen and let's just say she couldn't take her eyes off him.) The Inn is very large and yet still cozy and comforting. Our new friend Martha Zhender, took us to the restaurant to show us around and also went with us to the little shop down the road called the Cheese Haus.

The Cheese Haus is a well-known cheese shop in Frankenmuth. Tourists from all over Michigan come to this shop and buy cheese and take a picture with the Block of cheese and mouse that stands in front of it, so of course, we snapped some pictures of ourselves doing the same!  Some might say it's cheesy, but it was a great photo opt!

For our adventure, we tried to go with the theme of Little Bavaria and pick out outfits that matched the city. I wore a black and white heathered mélange Donna Morgan dress that was warm and comfortable while still looking feminine.

Lola wore a taupe knife pleated Muse dress that was more feminine on top and edgy on the bottom with the mix of a bit of gold sparkle and leather pleats. The design that embellished the top of the dress fit into the theme of the Inn and the town perfectly.  Poor Fritz, he's going to miss Lola dearly. I had to separate them during our pictures! They just could not stop talking to each other...Lola is so obvious when she's into a guy! I had to remind her that we were going home soon and that is a long way away from here!

We had a great time meeting new people in Frankenmuth. Everyone was so nice and loved talking to us. I know Lola will miss Fritz as much as he will miss her. Thank goodness they have social media so they can keep in touch. We hope to go back there someday soon!

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