Thursday, March 24, 2011

Seva Yoga

Lola (Right) and I
      To my surprise Lola has been sustaining her healthful lifestyle choices (and relationship with new boy toy) of regular yoga practice and limited alcohol consumption. When I told her I wouldn't believe it until I saw it, she invited me to join her for a class at her favorite studio, Seva Yoga, in Gaslight Village.

We matched the paintings!
      On Friday I met her and her Yogi boyfriend at 8 AM for my first ever vinyasa yoga class. Kudos to Lola for sticking with it!  Yoga is not easy and she made sure to let me know.  Her smart comments about my lack of flexibility revealed her not-so-secret vindication.  But at least I looked cute when I was falling out of tree pose onto my butt. I had on my green Solo Moda jacket, Tribal pants, and Michael Stars tank. Lola wore a Tribal ensemble purchased at Leigh's of course.

      Although it was a challenge I enjoyed the experience.  I am definitely going to incorporate some yoga stretches into my training for the 25K 5/3rd Riverbank Run.  Which gives me an idea- I think I'll turn the tables and invite Lola to go for a light 9 mile warm up with me one of these days.

      I also found out that Seva Yoga is stopping by our favorite place! They will be at Leigh's this week for Beauty and Wellness Week.  Michele our instructor will be discussing topics such as aromatherapy and detox as well as teaching gentle yoga and restorative yoga sessions.  Hope to see you there!

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