Thursday, March 31, 2011

YMCA Spring Expo

Eloise (Left) and I at the Spring Expo

I'm afraid that I may be single handedly responsible for putting my favorite cocktail lounges out of business because of my lack of patronage- I stayed in on yet another Friday in order to be fully energized for an action packed Saturday with Eloise and her kids at the David D. Hunting YMCA

The Y was hosting a spring expo that we didn't want to miss which featured vendors from local businesses, and we thought that the kids would enjoy spending some time in the pool (girl's day under the guise of kid's play date).  Spray tans, manicures, and massages were all being offered!  Eloise jumped at the free massage (she is still sore from yoga last week) while her daughter and I got our nails painted and her 4-year-old son was entertained by a balloon. 

In the Fitness Center
I had never visited the Y before so Eloise gave me a tour.  I was very impressed- the building is both beautiful and designed to meet environmentally friendly standards.  My favorite part is the glass walls which offer a view of downtown Grand Rapids.  I also discovered that the Y is a great place to socialize (aka buff men everywhere)!  I think I made good impressions in my colorful Tory Burch tunic and jacket and Vince shorts.  Eloise was also cute and practical in a Workers for Freedom skirt and Plenty by Tracy Reese top  

By the Pool
Our final stop was the pool.  We hung out on the deck while the kids splashed around, but I did end up dipping my feet in.  The heated water gave me a preview of my much anticipated spring break vaca!  Fortunately Eloise and I are both able to get away for a bit next week- to separate but equally warm spring break destinations. 

I'm glad I got to check out the Y!  I am seriously considering becoming a member so I can work out with Eloise!    


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