Thursday, June 23, 2011

"Put the WILD Back in Life"

After Eloise continually promising her little ones a trip to the John Ball Zoo, I finally got on her case as well, and off we went. Auntie Lola really pulled through for the group, plus our friend Annie got to join, as well as our new friend Brittany; we couldn't have had a better group! Right upon entrance there is a large sculpture of John Ball, the quintessential photo-opt location we wasted no time to climb at our own risk and pose!

Something about the zoo’s aura brought out the child deep within us, Eloise and I posed for hours! After our photo shoot, we immediately got distracted by the funky gift shop- we had yet to enter the zoo, and we were already having a ball! Check out our fun masks that made us instant friends with some youngsters and slightly embarrassed Eloise’s little ones…they were just jealous in my opinion!

Walking through the zoo I could not help but admire how amazing all the different fur coats were of all the different animals…and think how amazing they would be as a coat!! PETA would not be pleased with me, oh my!

Also, little did I know until I reviewed my photos that Eloise REALLY embraced the “Put the Wild Back in Life” motto, while I was off petting pygmy goats and taking a camel ride- take note following the rules! Eloise found herself in a much more “wild” position; just take a look at the pictures, they speak volumes more than I ever could.

Later on that day, Eloise mentioned she does not highly recommend any mothers or children follow in her footsteps and I am sure the John Ball Zoo employees would second that! She was simply inspired by the Louis Vuitton and Chanel ads; they have beautiful clothes, models, and elephants…so she went for it, somewhat regrettably.

All in all what a great day at the zoo, sporting such labels as Lilly Pulizter, Stuart Weitman, Valentino Red, Michael Stars, and Donald Pliner! A special thank you to all the helpful employees; what a great staff they have!

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