Thursday, March 15, 2012


Us using the schedule to decide what event to go to!
Before we left for our mini vacation, we had been hearing all about LaughFest. We love a good laugh and were dying to attend. So, the first day of great weather, we headed down to LaughFest headquarters to buy some tickets! Little did we know, we would run into so many fun(ny) people!
The desk right when you walk in!

Funny cubes that we wish our faces were on!
When we first arrived we had no idea what we were in for! We walked right into a room full of LaughFest gear! As you can see from our pictures, there was so much for us to look at that we almost forgot why we were there!

Standing in front of our favorite signs!

Our Leigh's square!

Close up shot of our Leigh's square! Be sure to find it when you stop in!
One of our favorite things at LaughFest headquarters was the wall filled with signs of what makes people laugh. Of course, after seeing this, we HAD to fill one out! Lola thought of our best laugh--people in funny clothing. As we were filling out our square (we thought ours was the best), so many people complimented us on our jeans! We loved every second of it! Lola and I both left the house wearing the same jeans that we purchased at Leighs! We had on Rachel Zoe denim. Yes, Rachel Zoe--personal stylists to the stars and the star of one of our favorite fashion TV shows! We were so excited when Leigh's began selling some of her clothing line that we had to buy them! We think the great denim distracted everyone enough so they did not notice how goofy we were trying out all the LaughFest goodies for sale!

Funny merchandise!

Lola in a necklace and bracelet!

Eloise in a funny cape! Perfect for her kids!
We think we looked awesome in our gear! Is that cape not the funniest thing you've seen?! If you are looking for something fun to do stop into LaughFest and check out their schedule! But, be sure to come into Leigh's first to get the perfect outfit for the event! You don't want us to laugh at you for wearing funny clothing!

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