Friday, March 23, 2012

Leigh's Pre-Spring Break Party!

The entrance of Leigh's!

Food table! Yummy!

The super cute cookies!
Yesterday was our favorite day of the year! Leigh's Pre-Spring Break Party! This is an annual event that Leigh's hosts to make sure everyone's spring break suitcases are full of great fashion. There is TAX-FREE shopping (yes, you read it correctly!), food from Ninth Bridge Market, music by DJ Adrian Butler, drinks, tons of fun and socializing!
The cute DJ!

Patrick making drinks!
When we first arrived at Leigh's we were in awe! All the bright colors, great clothes, music, and Lola's favorite--drinks! Not to overwhelm ourselves with happiness, we took a walk around to see everything one at a time. We ran into a few of our favorite sales associates who LOVED our new CLASS by Robert Cavalli dresses from Leigh's! We thought the dresses would be perfect to wear to such a fun party. After socializing for a bit, we had tons of energy and were ready to dance! We went and talked to our favorite DJ Adrian Butler (SO cute!) and showed some of our best moves! (We will admit though, we would never win So You Think You Can Dance...people always tell us we're a little stiff).
Us dancing to great music!
Once we were done "busting a move", we knew it was time to start our shopping! I started out by Kevan Hall's dresses and could not find Lola anywhere! I then look up and there she is, at the bar flirting with some shirtless man!
Lola getting a drink!

Us by the bar enjoying the party!

Lola by her new man!
I was proud of Lola for meeting such a perfect man for her at our favorite event...Bob the cabana boy - check out those abs...Lola sure was! What a great combo! While Lola finished her conversation and gawking, I grabbed some great food and scanned the rest of the store!  I noticed the Paperwhite trunk show and knew that had to be our next move! They have the perfect shirts for work or play!
Me enjoying all the food!

Paperwhite had some awesome new pieces that I was so excited about! They even had some casual separates that Lola could purchase for everyday wear! My browsing the racks turned into a mini interview with their rep, Yezenia (love her!), and I will share with you what I found out!

Tell me a little bit about Paperwhite?
Paperwhite was originally a white shirt line and the pieces were typically used  for layering pieces in suits. About a year and a half ago, Paperwhite began designing separates and now have tops, tunics, blazers, skirts, and pants! They of course still have their original wash-and-wear white work tops.

What is a great Paperwhite spring/summer style?
Paperwhite now offers printed tops. All of these tops are engineered printed and were actually created by a Paperwhite graphic designer in the office. Because of this, all of the prints are specific to Paperwhite and are the exact same on every piece. For the spring/summer, any piece that has one of these engineered prints is a must-have and with that, anything that has extra detail, embroidery, and rich color!

What styles of tops does Paperwhite offer?
The styles of tops that Paperwhite offers differ by season. For warmer seasons, you can see tops in short and three-quarter length sleeves. For cooler months, the sleeves are longer. Paperwhite has tunics, true blouses, button downs, and crisp white shirts.

Where is the best place to wear a Paperwhite blouse?
If you are wearing one of Paperwhite's essential blouses, the workplace is the best place to wear them. These blouses are perfect under business suits or paired with a business suit. If you have a Paperwhite garment-dyed/ embellished blouse, then a casual vacation or cruise is the best place! These tops are Paperwhites more casual blouses and are perfect with you are in a casual, fun setting. Most of the separates offered by Paperwhite are business casual and can be transformed from day to evening flawlessly.

What item is your best seller?
Paperwhite tunics are the best seller! They can easily be paired with jeans or leggings and have such fun prints and colors for this season!
Paperwhite tops! Love all the color!

A Paperwhite blouse!

Us with Yezenia! We loved her!

After our great talk with Yezenia, we tackled our shopping! There were some great trunk shows going on - A'nue, Paperwhite, Kevan Hall, Skemo, Michael Stars - we purchased some awesome pieces! Of course, we couldn't go around for long without finding someone we knew and wanted to talk to! We ran into our friend Michelle who was modeling for the party and she looked awesome! What a fun way to run into people! Loved her maxi dress from M Missoni!
Us and Michelle! She's so cute!
As we were purchasing our great finds, we ran into this little pig that was one the register and we loved it so much! It was such a cute little touch to the party!
A cute pig!
All in all, this year the party was awesome! We had so much fun and got some of the best spring pieces to make us the most fashionable girls in town! 

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