Friday, April 13, 2012

One Saturday Afternoon

Lola and I at the park!
What a beautiful Saturday we experienced here in Grand Rapids last weekend! Lola and I had plans to get together and we knew we wanted to enjoy the weather! This time of year, outfits are key. Sometimes it is so sunny outside, but it's still bitter cold (grrr Michigan). Saturday was the perfect mix of sun and warmth! There was sun in the sky and the air was warm. I decided to wear my tobacco colored DL1961 skinny jeans that I picked up from Leigh's last week! With it, I purchased a really cute striped Michael Stars tee. I paired it with the perfect Michael Stars tote to make sure I had room to bring all my goodies (phone, magazines, lip know, the essentials).When Lola came by my house to pick me up, she was looking like she just walked out of a spring look book! She had on an adorable hat because you know our pale skin burns easily... With her hat, she wore kelly green Citizens of Humanity denim with a Skinny Tees yellow tank under an Autumn cashmere cardigan---of course her outfit came from Leigh's as well!

Lola brought me out to Wilcox Park in Eastown and told me we were going to be doing some "bird" watching. The park was was so serene with new flowers blooming and people playing Frisbee.

A close-up of our great outfits!

"Man" watching! The birds were pretty too...

I soon realized we were doing something much different than "bird" watching. We were, in fact, MAN watching! Lola brought me out to the park to look for potential men! I will say her outfit was working in her favor. Once she realized I wasn't much help with finding men, we decided to drive around the corner to grab something to eat--we are not really into walking far...
Arriving at Yesterdog!

We are HUGE fans of Yesterdog! Nothing is better than some hot dogs and pop. Lola didn't mind the men working behind the counter either! What is with her lately?!

Outside of our favorite lunch place!

Inside Yesterdog!

Girls making our hot dogs!

How yummy?!

Can you say yum?! I think the weather made these hot dogs ever better! We could even sit outside which made it easier for people to admire our outfits (who doesn't love attention!). So many cute women approached us about our outfits and if we had working ears, they would've talked them right off! We couldn't say enough good things about our favorite store, Leigh's. We made sure to tell them how summer is coming right around the corner and dresses are in...and who has the best dresses?! Leigh's of course!! We hope to see some of these women we became friends with in Leigh's soon!

What a great day in Eastown!

After lunch, we took a little walk around Eastown and enjoyed the sun and people. We really pride ourselves on being social butterflies and love making new friends. Here's to hoping this Saturday is just as great!

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