Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An Afternoon at Gaslight Village

The weather has been beautiful the past few days so Eloise and I decided to enjoy the great outdoors and visit Gaslight Village in East Grand Rapids. I decided to wear my super cute, a bit sassy and sexy, maxi dress from Leigh's! I chose my black and white Donna Morgan dress with an orange B-Low the Belt and a Ben-Amun orange bracelet. I met up with Eloise and guess what she was wearing?! A maxi dress from Leigh's! We obviously are best friends and in sync with each other's good taste. She was wearing a Michael Stars teal dress with a beautiful Pink House beaded necklace, and a fabulous High Fashion neon yellow clutch.
Don't we look great?

After admiring each others outifts (we couldn't stop staring), we headed over to Gaslight Village for a bite to eat and a relaxing afternoon. We wanted to take our picture overlooking the village, but we had some trouble getting up the stairs - both our legs were a little stiff from our morning run. Luckily, a couple of wonderful ladies offered to give us a hand. Lo and behold, they love Leigh's just like us! We also had help from the newest Leigh's interns, Lindsey and Sarah, fashion merchandising majors from CMU... they're starting to grow on us!  Of course, we know we will end up adoring them - they're fashion girls like us!

Eloise and me with Lindsey

Here we are with Sarah

While walking around and enjoying the sunshine, we couldn't help but notice all of the people staring at our amazing outfits, at least thats what we hope they were staring at and not our pastey pre-summer skin (please note, however, we don't have any wrinkles.  Lack of sun exposure does have its benefits)! One lady commented on how great we were at posing. We responded by saying, "It just comes natural!" We received so many wonderful comments on our outfits. We reminded everyone that maxi dresses are for any age and great for any occasion - they're so versatile! They also loved the bright neon colors of our accessories, esspecially Eloise's clutch. Neon is so in right now and we're determined to get the word out. We love the neon pieces at Leigh's, and we hope to see some of our new friends in there soon!

Striking a pose for all of our admirers.
After walking around and meeting new people, we realized we hadn't eaten lunch yet. What better place then Olga's Kitchen! Eloise and I love going there whenever we visit Gaslight Village.


I decided to mix up my order and get a grilled chicken Olga, while Eloise ordered her usual turkey club Olga. We were so hungry we ordered a basket of snackers for an appetizer. They were almost gone by the time we got the rest of our food! Everything was so delicious we could hardly eat it all.

My delicious grilled chicken olga!

Eloise's usual turkey club olga.

Our half eaten basket of snackers.

After spending almost the whole day outside, you'd never be able to tell! We are still looking a little pale. I reminded Eloise that it's still May and we have the whole summer to work on our tans, with the help of our new interns, Lindsey and Sarah. We are super excited for all of the adventures we have planned this summer and of course we will be wearing more fabulous clothing from Leigh's!

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