Thursday, May 24, 2012

Adventures at John Ball Zoo

Today Lola and I decided to take a trip to John Ball Zoo. We couldn't wait to see all of the animals running around in the new exhibits! Of course, we took a shopping trip to Leigh's to find a super cute outfit! I wore blue shorts, a cute striped tank top layered with a casual blue shirt by Vince.  I also wore a fabulous bracelet by Ben-Amun. I met up with Lola, and of course she would wear a Rachel Zoe animal print dress to the zoo! I told her that just because we were going to the zoo doesn't mean she had to wear animal print. She insisted that the animal print might attract all the hot single dads, but I told her the only thing she might attract are the baboons!  She was not thrilled with my comment in the slightest and I got the silent treatment for next 15 minutes! 

John Ball statue

We made our way through the zoo and our first stop was at the aquarium. There were several cute penguins swimming around! We couldn't help but take our picture with them.

Look at the cute little guy swimming behind us!

We then stopped to look at the beautiful fish. Even they couldn't help but stare at our fabulous outfits!

We couldn't help but attract the colorful fish!
Look at how great our outfits looked in front of the water!

After walking through the aquarium, we decided to visit Monkey Island. There was one monkey who couldn't keep his eyes off of us! He was very curious and watched us the whole time. He must not be used to seeing such fashionable ladies at the zoo! I told Lola her animal print dress worked, she finally found a man! And this monkey was much cuter than the baboon option!

Posing in front of  Monkey Island
Us with Sarah and Lindsey

After visiting the rest of the zoo, we stopped in to explore the new gift shop. We found so many great souvenirs! We were told we were the perfect models for the hats...we took that as a compliment. They had a ton of stuffed animals just like the animals at the zoo. Lola decided on a cute, cuddly elephant while I chose a bright pink flamingo.

Our great souvenirs!

We had so much fun hanging out at the zoo! We were even invited back later this summer to check out the new funicular tram! We can't wait to go back again.

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