Thursday, May 31, 2012

Leigh's HOT HOT HOT Party!

Today was the day of Leigh's Hot Party! We couldn't wait because we had so much fun last year and Patrick said it was going to be hotter than ever this year! Eloise and I were so excited to wear our new hot summer fashions from Leigh's our designer of choice for today was Michael Stars. I wore a super cute striped Michael Stars tank with bright orange DL 1961 shorts. I paired it with a bright colored Ben-Amun necklace. Eloise wore a striped Michael Stars maxi with an orange Narducci bracelet. There were so many great deals including 20% off your entire purchase and 10% off your cosmetic purchase. You can bet Eloise and I took advantage of those deals - really who can resist! There was also a DJ, lots of food, and my favorite...a bar!

Getting some drinks from the hot bar!
Eloise getting some delicious food.
Hot cookies! ;)
Getting a frozen yummy from Patrick Plank, the devilish bartender!
As we browsed through Leigh', we found so many cute outfits and met some amazing people. The DJ, Adrian Butler, was playing some awesome music and I couldn't help but turn on the charm and flirt a little bit! Unfortunately, Eloise leaned over and shared that Adrian is engaged....figures!
Trying on some hats by the Havaiana display.
I think the DJ could tell I was a little tipsy...he asked about the bump on my head!
Eloise's husband might get a little jealous! Grarrr!
We ran into several of our friends that model for Leigh's. Of course they looked fabulous! We also chatted with some of the awesome sales staff. We even ran into Megan, the previous intern!

Visiting with our friends...we're envious of their job! But, frankly, I think we have what it takes!
Trying on some HOT masks
Pat and Allison wore the same dress...can't blame them, it's super cute!
With Megan!
We found so many great outfits!
We had so much fun at the party! We can't wait until next year's party! Check back Saturday when Eloise and I go to the Art Festival in downtown Grand Rapids!

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