Friday, September 21, 2012

Lets "Makeup" with some Bling!

 Lola and I decided it would be a good time to update our makeup for the upcoming fall trends, (Lola was beginning to look a little pasty) So a few weeks ago we RSVP for the Trish McEvoy Skype event! But before Lola and I could make our big appearance in front of one of the best in the makeup industry, we had to head into Leigh’s to pick out an outfit for the event. I went for this amazing black jacket from Diane von Furstenberg, pairing it with these new black scuba 5 pocket pants from J Brand. Adding in a little color with a fun leopard print shoe from Sam Edelman and a statement gold necklace from R J Graziano. Lola went for bold print dress from Clover Canyon, which Leigh’s had just got in that day! Wrapping a thin black leather belt around it from B-Low the Belt to show off her curves was just what she needed! She slipped on a pair of hip black booties with studs from Aquatalia, giving her that cool, yet chic look, and to finish off the outfit she wore a silver bracelet from Escape from Paris. 

                                                                        How amazing is this jacket and dress!

After Lola and I were looking fabulous we walked out onto the sitting area in Leigh’s that had been transformed into a makeup studio! Before the event we were able to meet some of the amazing Trish McEvoy team that would be doing everyones makeup after the live Skype chat with Trish! 

                                     Look at those girls trying to out pose us! They do look fabulous standing next to us tho! 

During the Skype call Trish pointed out Lola and I commenting on our luminescent skin, calling us right to the front so she could take a closer look at how beautiful we are! After the three of us had a little moment of sharing our tips and tricks of makeup, Lola and I thought we’d walk around the store for a little bit to check out all the new merchandise that had come in. But like always, only after about a second or two of walking around Lola spotted a tall, dark and handsome man, which she of course, just had to meet. After chatting for a bit, we became good friends with Gavin, who was selling absolutely gorgeous Matthew Campbell Laurenza jewelry right behind the Trish McEvoy event. I mean it doesn't get much better than this, having someone else do your makeup and shopping for new bling! 

                                                                            Looks like Lola found a new man! 

I found a beautiful sapphire brooch that looks just like a flower! I’ll just have my husband come down and pick this up for me! Lola found an amazing gold pendant, oh and Gavin’s number! 

                                                           Isn't Lola's pendant amazing?!? 

Thank you so much to all you wonderful ladies that came by for the special Trish McEvoy Skype event! And a special thanks to the extremely talented Trish McEvoy and her team of beautiful makeup artists. As well as to Lola’s new man Gavin from MCL, everything was so gorgeous, my husband is going to have just a hard time just picking out one, or two, or three things for me! Thanks again to everyone who made yesterday such a fun time! 

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