Sunday, October 7, 2012

       We're back! Sorry about being gone for a week, Eloise caught the flu and I just couldn't go out on the town without my girl by my side! After taking a week off to rest of shopping at Leigh's chasing those gorgeous men of Grand Rapids and of course drinking white wine, Eloise and I just had to head to Leigh's for their amazing Trunk Shows! And this week we got lucky, Leigh's was putting on three different shows at once. What kinda girl doesn't love shopping for jewelry, shoes and clothing all in the same place (and within a 100 foot area) I mean I know these shoes are adorable but a girl just can't walk all over the place in these, they're just to high! So after making our weekly rounds and saying hi to all the wonderful employees at Leigh's we found ourselves talking to the amazing and super cute Summer March from the clothing line Zenobia! After looking through the line of gorgeous clothes Eloise and I found the perfect outfits to start our day!


Isn’t Summer March from Zenobia just amazing, we love her!!

       I found this amazing one shoulder cream colored dress, with cut outs on the right sleeve, while on the same side the dress had this really cool gathered texture that added a little fun to the dress. Eloise went with these black lace overlay pants, matched with a simple black tank paired with this jacket that is to die for! We love a good cropped jacket with a fun side zipper, it gives you that really fun edgy look while looking professional! 

Just showing some off the amazing patterns and textures from Zenobia’s line. We wanted everything! 

         After stopping by Zenobia to hangout with our girl Summer we decided we wanted some jewelry, and we were just in luck! The super talented energetic Michelle Morocco was just around the corner with her amazing jewelry line Niyama! Her line was filled with gorgeous stones paired with black and brown leather, and some amazing beading with the most adorable charms with really fun saying that would be perfect for anyone from myself to even one of Eloise's kids! Eloise and I changed just before making our way to Michelle! I put on this adorable Valentino Red black dress with these amazing Maria Sharapova by Cole Haan boots with black tights, while Eloise went with one of Leigh's new Michael Stars sweaters and a really fashionable and comfy pair of denim by J Brand! 

Look how amazing this jewelry is! We love her boot charms, just taking the concept of a necklace and wrapping it around your boot gives it a whole new fashionable look! 


We loved everything, and Michelle has mastered the layered look that gives you that cool effortless rocker vibe! Thank you so much Michelle, namaste girl! 

       And our last stop on the Trunk Show train was at Cole Haan! We love our Cole Haan shoes! The spring line was filled with amazing pops of color from the shoe laces to the bottoms or insides of the shoe, Cole Haan has done it once again! He's made me want to buy every shoe he makes! 

We loved these wingtip shoes that give you that old school look with a fun pop of color! We love you Cole Haan!! 

Special thanks to the amazing Summer March from Zenobia, Michelle Morocco and her line Niyama and of course Cole Haan! We had such an amazing day at Leigh's make sure to check us out again on Sunday and see Eloise's and I adventure downtown at ArtPrize! 

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