Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Our Birthday Month!

Like most best friends, Eloise and I had an instant bond. In fact, one of the first things we ever bonded over was the fact that our birthdays were merely two days apart! Can you believe that?! My birthday happens to fall on the thirteenth, while Eloise's is on the fifteenth! So naturally, ever since we met we decided that the month of August would be our birthday month, which would be filled with much pampering and even more best friend bonding. Each year we share a birthday party together, and contrary to our love for all things extravagant, we usually have a small get together at one or another's house where we drink a good glass of red wine and reminisce about the ghost of birthdays past. This year, however, word got out to our Leigh's family after a wonderful day of shopping, and the Leigh's intern and our great friend Casey thought that she would throw us a surprise party! She told us to put on our party pants and to get our butts over to her house, so unknowingly, off we went to a night filled with great friends and great fun!

Unlike Lola, I am a little bit more skeptical about people not telling me exactly where I'm going and why. So with a good pep talk from Lola, I put on my 7 For All Mankind kaki jeans (aka my party pants) paired with the most perfect Love Zoey dress, and a My Tribe coat to combat this chilly summer weather. I also decided to dress it up with some gorgeous Thela gold earrings. Lola, being as over the top as ever, she wore a stunning black and tan lace Nanette Lepore dress. She took after me and decided to pair it with a black My Tribe jacket and a pair of black and gold earrings by Thela. Like always, Leigh's always has the perfect thing to wear, no matter the occasion!

When we first arrived we walked into the most beautifully decorated sunroom complete with cupcakes and even a Shark Week inspired cake! We couldn't believe it, it was such a wonderful surprise! Casey really wanted an outdoor party but the weather just wouldn't allow it! But you know us, we still had a ball! She worked hard to personalize every aspect of our birthday extravaganza. From the bow party hats that matched our outfits, to the wine glasses that had our names on them! She even had some beautiful birthday presents from Leigh's waiting for the both of us. I swear that before we were even able to sit down Lola was begging to cut into the blue Coldstone Creamery cake, while I was dying to get my hands on some of the beautiful and delicious cupcakes that Casey had picked up from a local bakery called Sarah's Sweets!
Our cake is adorned with a lovely candle that says "Its all about me!"

Before we could dig in, Casey wanted us to open our gifts! She got me a pair of the most stunning Thela earrings, I instantly had to try them on! They were so perfect, she knows me so well! As for Eloise, Casey decided that a beautiful and practical cuff bracelet by Zenzii would be perfect, and indeed it was! Eloise loved it! I could just see it on her face.

After gift opening, it was time to dig into the cake and cupcakes, and let me tell you, that Sarah knows how to make a good cupcake! Casey put some beautiful gold candles into each of our cupcakes and sang us a very interesting rendition of Happy Birthday (she shouldn't quit her day job, that's for sure.) Even though she might not be the next Celine Dion, Eloise and I both had a wonderful time at the party, and are incredibly thankful for all of the wonderful people at Leigh's who always provide us with beautiful clothing and even more beautiful memories. Without them our lives would be nothing short of black and white, so thank you to all of those who are always on our sides giving us love and the best fashion advice I've personally ever experienced.
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
Lola & Eloise

Like always, all of our wonderful clothes and accessories are from Leigh's.
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