Tuesday, October 1, 2013

It's Trend Party Time!

We have been hearing such great things about the Trend parties Leigh’s has been hosting every Thursday this September, so Eloise and I decided to go check it out! We need a little retail therapy and Leigh’s is just the place to go. This week hosted the latest shoe trends for the season and of course as shoes are a girl’s best friend, we thought this would be a good Thursday to attend!

       We are in desperate need of some new shoes!  

 We had to show up stylish as always to Leigh’s because there really is no other way. I went for a more sassy flare as I wore some of my favorite Rachel Zoe pieces from her fall collection. Eloise went a little simpler with her outfit, but added a nice pop with her Love Zoey Blazer.

                      Eloise looking so sophisticated                 Me, looking great...as always :]

All the boots we saw there for this season were to die for! I was in love with some edgy UGG leather boots. Eloise couldn’t resist the Bed Stu boots and ended up buying two styles! Naturally, we couldn’t just keep our focus on just the shoes, so we ventured out into the store to take a look at some great close that just came in for the fall season. We checked out some DL 1961 jeans and, of course, fell in love with a few washes and had to take a couple pairs home.

As always, it was a great little shopping spree at Leigh’s and we can’t wait for more events this year to go check out!

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