Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Let's Go Exsplore!

As you all know, we love Leigh’s! We cannot get enough of the store and their amazing team. So, we decided to take a little trip over to the store to hang out with some of our friends at Leigh’s. When we arrived we bumped into Patrick the creative director for the store. Just a couple weeks ago Leigh’s hosted the Couture for a Cure fashion show. The event is absolutely wonderful and we enjoy going every year! Lola has some idea in her head that she wants to be in next years show…girl, keep eating your salads and cut down on your wine consumption if that’s your “dream.”

I must say, I am looking quite sophisticated!

Rock those maroon pants Lola! 

We wanted to look casual but still stylish! Lola wore a Vince sweater and cardigan with maroon Not Your Daughter Jeans along with a statement piece to, of course, add some bling! I went with a more sophisticated look with a Foxcroft green and white button down with a Belford sweater for overtop the shirt. For pants, I joined copied Lola and wore my dark wash Not Your Daughter Jeans. To top everything off I took my Vivante scarf and created a little afghan! 

Don't we look superb! 

While talking to Patrick, he asked if we wanted to go up into the warehouse to check out some of his ideas for the store and just hang out for a bit. We, of course were up to it! While up in his creative space, we ran into a few of our long time friends! Sarah and Paul were looking great as always but I swear they thought they were on a nude beach. (I told Lola to try to get Paul to ask her on a date but she is so stubborn sometimes! She thinks he is too old…whatever. I think he is hot, single, and ready to mingle!)

Sarah is back there striking a pose! 

 We had the chance to try on some fun back stock from the past seasons. Patrick’s office is so much fun! We loved the time chit chatting with him and getting to talk fashion with such a fashionable guy!

My hat didn't quite fit...

Lola built up the courage to ask Patrick if she could be in the Couture for a Cure fashion show next year and he said that he would LOVE to have her! He took some measurements for future reference and told her that they would let her know information when the time comes. I have to give it to the girl, she knows how to work a look! I’m excited to possibly cheer my best friend on in the next show!


Patrick showing us some pieces in the last issue of Vogue he loves! 

We had such a fabulous afternoon with Patrick and a few old friends. I think I am going to message Paul on Facebook and give him Lola’s number…hard times call for drastic measures. I need to get this girl a husband!

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