Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Let's Get Our Art On!

It’s that time of year again, yes, it is Artprize time! Of course Eloise and I had to go check it out immediately since we already were hearing so much about it before the event even started. We broke out the leather, our edgy looks, and artistic flare and fit right in!
Since it was Artprize we had to look our best! I wore an Elliot Lauren Shirt paired with a Tribal Novelty Leather Jacket and a Vivante scarf with Tribal leggings. Eloise looked chic in her My Tribe leather pants, a Vince sweater and a fabulous Tribal Jacket. It ended up being a pretty gloomy, windy day so our jackets were very convenient! Nevertheless, the weather didn’t keep us from walking around and seeing all the very cool art pieces displayed throughout downtown Grand Rapids.


Our favorite part of the day was seeing the installation piece in The Grand River. It was so neat to see how the artist set everything up in the water and displayed it the way that they did! We felt a little inspired and decided to take a little video for you all to check out below!


We had an absolute blast seeing all these amazing art pieces and picking out our favorites this year. Eloise is excited to take the family to Artprize but we needed to have a little date with each other before she went with the kids. This is such a hard event to only go to once because when you think you saw it all, you discover more pieces! I can’t wait to maybe go check it out a couple more times!

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