Friday, June 12, 2015

Trip to Millennium Park

It was Lola and I's first time at Millennium Park and we loved it. The atmosphere was so fun and welcoming and the grounds are very well kept. I also appreciated the many signs that pointed us in the right direction. Lola isn't very good at directions you know. Although, she thinks she's some sort of 21st century female Indiana Jones.

We originally set out to Millennium Park to go to the beach. Unfortunately, Michigan weather had other plans. It was cloudy, but not raining, so Lola and I decided to take a lovely walk along the many trails the park has to offer! The trails were amazing. They wrap around a cluster of tiny lakes and it's all paved so it's very even walking.

We were dressed for a beach day, but even without the sun we still felt fabulous. Lily Pulitzer is always a good choice for a summer day. I wore my favorite blue and white Lily dress. It's my favorite because it fits like a glove!

 Lola wore these adorable sailboat patterned Lily Pulitzer shorts and a white top with delicate lace fringe by Generation Love. She looked so good in the shorts I asked if I could borrow them next time. That's what friends are for, right?

We checked out the Devos Family Boathouse. This is where you can rent kayaks and paddle boats. Lola hates open water because she is always worried about sinking, but I plan on convincing her to rent one with me next time. It just looks so fun!

Even though we didn't  get to do what we set out to do at the park, it was still really fun. If you have never been to Millennium Park I highly encourage you to go. There are activities for everyone and I think it really captures the feeling of the Grand Rapids area as a whole. I hope all my fashionistas are enjoying their summer and don't forget to stop into Leigh's if you need to freshen up that wardrobe.

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