Friday, December 17, 2010

Design 1 Salon Spa Fashion Event

We found friends to complement our outfits! I [left] wore a Tory Burch dress with a 3.1 Phillip Lim belt and Lola [right] wore a Tracy Reese dress

It's no secret that we love all things fashion - especially when we can share our passion with others over a few cocktails! This past Tuesday we were invited by our friends at Leigh's to attend the Design 1 Salon Spa Fashion Event at Eve in the B.O.B.

As a mother of two I was excited to find that proceeds from the event would benefit Helen Devos Children's Hospital. Such a great cause meant guilt free shopping and, hopefully, a good excuse to give my husband when I got home!

Before the show Lola insisted we post up near the bar...insisting it was the perfect place to keep an eye on the silent auction table. (She was determined to win the wine tasting party and Porsche driving school lessons).

Leigh's runway show was impressive - Lola and I were eying the same fabulous Peter Nathan coat [shown below], especially since neither of us had really dressed for the weather (ah, the sacrifices we make for fashion).

By the time Design 1 models hit the runway we had developed some serious hair envy. From shocking red curls and Rapunzelesque locks to sky-high, crystal accented bouffants we lamented that we wished we could maintain such fantastical updos.

After the show Lola and I wrestled through the crowd and I wrestled her into my car before she could speed off in the Porsche that was on display outside the B.O.B.

That hair! So jealous!
Lola's favorite look from the show
Lola's Masha Archer necklace

We met some amazing new friends at the show!

Lola and Meg Willit enjoying a drink

Some of our friends from Leigh's pictured with the lovely models! We've decided we're going to steal Patrick Plank to be our personal stylist. Now to find hair stylists that can liven up our looks and transform us into perfectly coiffed fire hazards!

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