Thursday, December 30, 2010

Grand Rapids Symphony

Meg Willit trying to get Eloise to loosen up.
On the eve of Christmas Eve we were honored to join Meg Willit at the Grand Rapids Symphony to see Cirque de Noel and celebrate her birthday in style alongside the dashing Patrick Plank and the ever lovely Rebecca Wierda.

Years ago [see: in my more limber youth] I was a dance enthusiast dabbling in burlesque and later saucy salsa dancing during my first stint in Spain. I wasn't shy to remind our group that I could easily steal the show if I were so inclined.

Of course, a diva doesn't dress herself - a privilege I took to the next level by enlisting Patrick to dress Eloise and I for the evening. [Patrick said I was a little stiff...but nothing a trip to the bar couldn't fix]. I wore a 3.1 Phillip Lim top and pants with a Peter Nathan vest while Eloise wore a chic Trina Turk top tucked into a Tadashi skirt and 3.1 Phillip Lim belt under a Milly sweater.
[Left]: Lola [Right]: Eloise

Sure, we look amazing, but if it were my big day I would have gone in my original ensemble against Rebecca's advice - my mother's best Christmas sweater-dress finished with velvet cuffs, embroidered reindeer and sequined snowmen. Rebecca warned that not even my best pair of festive red Louboutins could excuse such a sight.
Andola Mathis and daughter Chamberlain Mathis

Waiting for the show to start with Rebecca and Meg

When Tchaikovsky's "Waltz of the Flowers" began, Meg and I took to the aisles for a spontaneous waltz. We had an amazing night! Now I am looking forward to New Year's Eve in Grand Rapids - the only night of the year it is socially acceptable for me to wear head-to-toe sequins...that is, until Eloise and I can hunt down tickets to see Lady Gaga in March.

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