Monday, December 6, 2010

Holiday Gala


On Thursday we attended the 16th Annual Christmas and Holiday Traditions Around the World Gala presented at Frederik Meijer Gardens.

Against Eloise's advice, I set up my Christmas tree and began blasting holiday music before we could finish our Thanksgiving leftovers. If it were up to me, my house would be bedazzled with colorful lights and gaudy ornaments year-round. To help Eloise find inspiration for her tree [that she refuses to put up until after the first week of December] we were looking forward to checking out all of the amazing Christmas trees, a few glasses of wine and globally inspired food.

Eloise [at right] pulled out her new Pamella Roland gown for the evening and Leigh's Rebecca Wierda was kind enough to let me borrow her own Pamella Roland dress...she may have a time getting it back!

[from top to bottom] Alexis Bittar and Lee Angel

I pulled out my heaviest ornaments for the occasion; Necklace by Robert Rodriguez

Eloise wearing a Lee Angel bracelet

Holiday Gala
The lovely centerpiece at our table

Chihuly Chandelier
&The dazzling Chihuly chandelier

After a few drinks we made our way past the trees for an enchanting carriage ride around the sculpture park to the tune of festive carolers. It was the perfect time for us to forget about unfinished Christmas shopping and enjoy the snow globe weather that's here to stay.

Star Lanterns
Eloise loved these Filipino star lanterns

The Mexico inspired tree was my personal favorite - the small pinatas made it look like a Lisa Frank explosion!

The Canada tree was covered in charming little owls

I was tempted to wear this mask from the Brazil tree after a couple more trips to the open bar, but Eloise cautioned me that it didn't quite go with my outfit.

Meijer Gardens Holiday Gala
After dinner we ran into Rebecca and some new friends.

Gala Co-Chairs
A huge thank you to the gala co-chairs Pamella DeVos, Meg Willit and Starr Meijer for inviting us to the gala!

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