Friday, November 30, 2012

Bag, Bangle & Bling Grand Opening!

       So  it's pretty obvious that Lola and I love our accessories, I mean anyone can tell that, but the other week when Lola and I were making our daily stop at Leigh's (and yes, I said daily, a girl can never have to much fashion in her life!) But like I was saying, we ran into Rebecca and started talking all things fashion and she told us about this great pop up store that Leigh's was doing right here in Breton Village called Bag, Bangle and Bling! It's a chic, hip fashionable store were finding the perfect accessory is just a bangle away! Whether it's a statement necklace or that perfect little clutch for a night on the town they have everything, at a really fun price point for women of all ages! So of course Lola and I had to go to the Grand Opening yesterday! We made our way to Leigh's to pick out an outfit for the event! Lola found this amazing black My Tribe dress with leather detailing, while I found this adorable Kate Spade navy and white stripped dress and this great Kami cardigan to go over it! So after we picked out our looks we made out way over to Bag, Bangle and Bling for some fun accessory shopping!

Having an fashionable day time look is super easy! Adding some gold to a stripped dress gives you that elegant, yet causal look. While this adorable Betsey Johnson hat and scarf are super cozy for the upcoming winter months! 

       We both decided that we need more day time, as well as night time accessories so we were on a mission to find the perfect little necklace or bracelet that would do the trick! Oh and look who we ran into!

Doesn't Rebecca always look so fabulous!?

       So we had found our day time looks, now we were determined to find a couple accessories for a night on the town! We were so excited to see how many options Bag, Bangle & Bling had! It was so hard for us to narrow it down! But in the end we found exactly what we were looking for! Lola found these two long black and silver chains, as well as this adorable silver cuff! For my nighttime look I layered multiple gold necklaces! It's a really fun technique but remember less is more, so don't add to many because it might make your neck look shorter than it actually is!

Nighttime accessories! 

I thought we should show you an up close look at all of our new accessories from Bag, Bangle & Bling! 

       Until next time ladies, I hope you all have a fun, safe and fashionable weekend! And a special shout out to the Leigh's team for doing an amazing job on Bag, Bangle and Bling!

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