Friday, November 2, 2012

Naked Plate Studios!

       Yesterday, I just couldn’t stand how cold it was so I called Lola up and asked her if she wanted to go shopping, and before I could finishing the words “want to go shop...” Lola quickly replied with a yes! So I went and picked her up, and we headed over to Leigh’s for a little cold weather retail therapy, It seemed like a really good excuse to shop! Within the past week, Lola and I were so surprised at how much additional fall and winter merchandise Leigh’s had received.

        We went straight for the cozy cashmeres and adorable sweater dresses. Lola found this adorable candy apple red Tory Burch cardigan with brown trim, paired with brown leggings underneath just added to the whole comfy chic look we were both going for. And remember ladies, if you are wearing any brown or gold paired with a color try and wear brown, instead of black tights, it’s a easy yet fashionable way to look stylist for the fall season! And I found this amazing Le Phare black and grey sweater dress, it was just what I was looking for! Both of us finishing our look with a pair of Cole Haan shoes, we were all ready to hit the town.

        We were walking over to D&W to pick up a few groceries, Lola of course needed to stock up on her weekly Pinot, and I just need a few things, but on our way over we passed this adorable little place called Naked Plate Studios! Lola was obviously intrigued, which I quickly had to remind her that no, naked does not have anything to do with men, and the plate was not referring to food, two of Lola’s favorite things in this world, next to shopping at Leigh’s and white wine. Naked Plate Studios is this fun store where you get to pick out any type of pottery, plates, coffee mugs, tea cups, bowls and you get to paint and decorate them, then they put them in this huge super hot fire and a few days later you get to come back and pick them up and use your beautiful creations!

 It’s so colorful in Naked Plates! We loved it!

                                                    I want to touch! It’s all so cute!

                                      Ughh! The paparazzi just has to follow us everywhere!

        Once Lola and I walked around a bit to check out the place, we each grabbed a piece of pottery and let our create juices flow! Lola painted this adorable little tea cup, which I’m sure is just another cup to fill with wine! I painted this festive plate, that I thought would be great for serving hors d’oeuvres!

                                                   Look how beautiful our pottery is!

                                                  Isn’t Lola a modern day Picasso?!

        Lola and I had such a fun and creative day! Thank you so much to the team at Naked Plate Studios for being so helpful! If you ever want to escape the cold and are feeling a little creative, head over to Naked Plate Studios and paint a plate or two!

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